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Monday, December 1, 2014


I have not seen any animals around yet. I have put out food for the Crows and I fully expected to see a few raccoons or possums come visiting. Maybe it's too early yet.
So for now I will write about the finches who come. As I said in a previous post there are several finches that come together. The Yellow ones........Seen here at my bird bath one summer
 photo 7d253628-0d83-418c-bbf3-74639e055743_zps2d3a4fef.jpg
The yellow finch looks somewhat like a Canary. They do sing, not sure how well compared to the Canary. When they come in, they usually come with somewhat less brilliant companions.Finches are seed eaters. The females less brilliant than the males.
 photo cda390fd-3cc6-41ec-951d-a6a2b3429928_zpsc574a420.jpg
 photo cf9871ea-81d0-4d0a-9c9b-3fab9a39d534_zps03b6f4dd.jpg
The House Finch has a rosy breast and head. Sometimes called Rosefinches. I am not too observant but they all look different. The markings are those of the finches with the speckled chests and some look like the yellow ones. I would presume that means males and females and juveniles all look slightly different.
 photo a4cfa647-bfa3-4d14-a329-8bdeb977524c_zps8b317bf2.jpg
 photo 1a375b90-80a1-4af9-972f-d8feb1dd5dc4_zps5268f035.jpg
The speckled ones are Siskins. Still finches but.........I am not sure if mine are Pine Siskins but I think so.
 photo 7aa39fd0-3efc-41ee-b911-9d88f13eb54d_zps1156aa3a.jpg
 photo fe269527-ae42-486c-b8dd-042467c6a1d7_zps3da94c56.jpg
Then there are the sparrow like finches. The black striped headed ones (above and below)
 photo 7c9f37e0-ecfb-41c5-bd74-ae20bdb06cba_zpsf2d97aab.jpg
They look a lot like English Sparrows. Just a little more exotic. Well they come and go, sometimes with the Finches and sometimes alone. Just like all the other little birds. They go around with others like them. This summer I saw some little birds that looked like Thrushes. They had the speckled chests but could have been the Siskins. They seemed more copper coloured with creamy speckled chests. This is the Thrush.
 photo 45bb8fda-27d6-4d1b-a6ed-b9e067c338ac_zps348395b2.png
Anyway........thats the Finches for you.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful photos as always, Janice! The birds almost look like they were posing for you! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Tante Mali said...

Janice, they are so lovely!!! Fantastic pictures! How do you do it? Great!!!!
Thank you for your lovely visit. Wonderful to have you around!
All my best

Magic Love Crow said...

They are so cute! Thanks for the education ;o) Hugs ;o)