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Friday, December 5, 2014

No Ducks............

We took a quick walk down by the river today. I was hoping to get pictures of ducks. No such luck. Not one duck in sight.
We took Bodicea for a walk, she was in shock and didn't know what to think about it. She has not been for a walk in years. Back when we had the other poodles she would go for walks in the fields, but that was long ago now. She seemed to sort of enjoy it. Was not really sure though.
 photo 38b123ac-20e0-4b4c-9665-63ce5ae12959_zpsbc6da3d5.jpg
Tristen had wanted to go for a walk, its still cold out so Gerry wanted it to be quick. SO I suggested taking Bodi, I knew he would like that.
 photo a931a156-760d-4d9c-9803-0d871bb580ad_zps57cd3cde.jpg
Well later on I was watching the BlueJays in the back garden. I had put out some peanuts. The BlueJays really like them. I had put out shelled ones but they liked the ones in shells best. They took those first.
 photo 7571427f-1089-49c6-be4d-0c8eb9beb20c_zps36374415.jpg
 photo 2a7d6ef0-cde1-480e-ac0a-0016358f7a18_zpscd9a4ba6.jpg
There were quite a few Jays around today. They usually come one or two at a time but they must have really liked the peanuts and told all their friends.
 photo 12bf7baa-7d56-45c5-8bdd-c1268bb2dc37_zpsc2d542e8.jpg
The squirrels are voracious they eat so much, why don't they hibernate or something? I have seen so many this year, they hang around and come in 4 or 5 at a time.
 photo 4113e9b7-d4b5-421d-b6ef-cde75868484f_zps27a9a372.jpg
Here is Bella waiting for daddy to come home. The trellis is just handy for peeping through and looks so cute from the other side.
 photo e2bfea61-bd00-46b3-9b7d-353bb7eb887f_zps8fc8015a.jpg
Boots the cat wants to be outside, but its too cold. She goes out, checks the territory and then comes inside. She makes sure she is in at night now. I confess I do wait for her some nights. Its way too cold for her out there but she does have thick fur and she does have some places to get out of it. Still, I cant think of her being outside.
 photo 3134a490-fba3-4a47-841f-188e82c2c7d0_zps392bc28c.jpg
The cat watches the birds, she will sit there on the deck. The other day I saw her make a go for one and yelled at her so she missed. I got her butt inside. The finches are the most likely to get caught but most of the birds seem to ignore her. She does not have claws up front but can still climb and still hunt. She does not go far from home.
 photo c5a53b06-7e5b-48c6-b9ce-ef4f23443665_zps76216dfe.jpg
 photo 6e2a44ca-a3a3-43b3-afc8-4e4104da0a31_zpsfa40d9fe.jpg
The Crows come every day, but when the weather is good they find other things to do.
 photo e9b169f6-ee35-498a-b27f-936bc5427fc1_zpsf164c317.jpg
 photo cad6f7ab-bf1e-4684-a284-01b15bb32a2c_zps409d91b5.jpg
Well thats all thats going on around here the last few days. Oh, actually no its not, Gerry was able to cut up some trim and do the basement bedroom. Tristen helped.
 photo 8f4b2200-f78c-4c25-a259-6460d35c0be3_zps40b27823.jpg
 photo 10c51014-0dd7-4adc-981f-4f7f3b8c2d5d_zps4d8248b9.jpg
 photo 44e7e664-a7d9-4ff3-a660-e1af397a6cd1_zpsaef57c11.jpg
Granddads little helper.


Debbie Harris said...

Janice, you capture the most wonderful shots of your birds! The bluejays with their peanuts is precious!
Maybe on you're next walk there will be ducks. :-)
Have a beautiful week-end.
Joy! Debbie

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great post ;o) I love seeing the pictures you take ;o) I don't know why squirrels don't hibernate either? I think they should! LOL! Bella looking through the trellis is so cute! I love all the bird photos! Truly loved it all ;o) Hugs ;o)