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Saturday, November 22, 2014


We have two pairs of  Cardinals who live around here. They have been here two years. I think that the first couple probably are the parents of at least one of the other pair. They tollerate each other pretty well.
 photo 68b4b8c8-5e2c-4124-a7ae-8abf917f7ad6_zps44b3e4ad.jpg
Above is one happy couple taken last winter. I actually think the female is prettier than the male.
She has a variety of colours in her plumage.
 photo 3df985b2-c57c-4d37-93ee-489e8e3b5f25_zps0cef9140.jpg
They certainly make a handsome couple. They wake me up on summer mornings. They seem to be the first to get up and sit on the bush under my bedroom window. They have a somewhat annoying call. They are seed eating birds. They also like berries.
 photo 4282c520-8e33-48d2-9039-181fa9f9f8fc_zps71ba9f47.jpg
The Cardinal, especially the male looks his best in Winter when the snow flys
 photo ddb3263e-29e0-43ad-8488-907da28fba3e_zps89c34e43.jpg
Its pretty easy to get good pictures.
 photo 4095e50f-594f-4216-a49e-5b19169ceee5_zpsd0740236.jpg
 photo bed1b7e9-e4b5-4a3d-ab1a-e6d0f3f2e5d7_zps09e4525b.jpg
 photo 32d9eb40-84bb-4f6e-9ee5-e48ddca94dc8_zpsd6362f60.jpg
I wanted to get some of the pictures on here while I had a few nice ones.
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Debbie Harris said...

Just beautiful, Janice!
Yes, they are quite the pair.
Your photos are terrific.
Sweet blessings, Debbie

Linda said...

They are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.