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Friday, November 21, 2014

My Crows..................

Success at last. I have been trying to get the local Crow population to visit my feeders. This year I have had success. There is one brave one who hangs around and gradually got closer. Last year he would sit up in the trees but never come close. This year, he came down in the garden nearer the feeders. On a couple of occassions he would sneak off with a piece of bread. He got so that he would stay on a branch when I went out to fill the feeders.
 photo 8c2096fe-6b16-4c7f-b8d3-88b225d37f88_zps0febc2ce.jpg
A very handsome bird. Crows are very intelligent. They can recognize people and their voices. They can communicate with other crows and pass along information. So that if the boss crow says a person is OK then the others will also trust the human.
He was looking rather cold in this picture, it was snowing
 photo fa99243f-74ca-45a2-ab72-c0abfedd1e17_zps145a2022.jpg
I decided to help him out. There he was sitting on his branch, back to the wind.........I went out and shoveled a spot on the driveway. Then I put out some bread. I talked to him as I did all that. He went off and came back with company. I have not counted (I should) but believe there are at least 6 or maybe 8 individuals. I will make the effort to count them.
 photo 28f29e9b-f3fe-48a0-85e8-b908587e40b2_zps31f669dd.jpg
I got all my windows clean to get pictures and waited. They came together and sat in the trees. One by one they came for the bread........pretty soon it became comical.
 photo ddecca38-e739-46b3-a906-60cb0f851002_zps0d696011.jpg
They would cram so much into their mouths that they could barely get lift off, then the ones who were too shy to come down would all chase them to try to get the goods.
 photo 45c0e0f3-a03d-4312-a28e-2b388f5f4dc0_zps82442693.jpg
This guy (above) crammed all of that bread in his beak. Really, he did........I don't know how they do it. They always try for just one more piece. Then trying to fly without dropping it. Ah well thats the rub......I love the next picture, it makes me think of an aircraft, you just don't think it will quite make it.
 photo 68da07cc-52a6-4a32-9a0a-dfafb96ca211_zpsd47480e0.jpg
He did though and was chased from tree to tree. I suppose the flock (Murder) consists of juvenials from the last couple of years. I see these crows blocks away but mainly they stay where they know they will get food. They send out scouts and then send messages. As soon as I put out food the shout goes out. It doesn't take long and they rest of the gang shows up.
Today I put out some hot dogs and that went really quickly, I didn't even get pictures. They will eat meat and so I have been taking old stuff out of my freezer. They have dined well this week.
 photo 98cb7940-e356-425d-8997-3382456d3f1d_zpsef6d88d0.jpg
Handsome isn't he. Not sure how to tell male from female. I must be more observant. My only thing is that they will eat birds eggs and babies and I have seen them take off with Robins eggs. Somehow I will have to find a way to feed them all year. I am pretty sure I wont stop the bad behaviour though. Meanwhile they are getting used to my voice and wait around for their meals. About time.
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MatildasCrown said...

I have been feeding mine for 6 years SIX years and still cannot get them to NOT fly away when they see me. They yell and scream when they see food and come back with their friends but won't stay if they see me. I talk to them anyway and call them pretty bird so that they recognize me. Today i threw out an old fish from the deep freeze and lots of bread. They ate well today.

September Violets said...

Your patience has certainly been rewarded Janice! Great shots of these big guys. The crows sort of creep me out a little, but I'm not sure why, maybe it's the way they pester owls & hawks and eat young baby birds. They are a lovely glossy black though. Now you can make pets of them! My grandfather had a pet crow, but I don't know how he came to be a pet (probably he was injured & Grandpa brought him home). He lived a long and happy life (the crow) :) Wendy x

Magic Love Crow said...

You have made my night! You have made my year! I love this post so much! I'm smiling big time Janice ;o) The pictures are amazing! I love the one flying away with the bread! Thank you for this great post ;o) Big Hugs ;o)