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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bugs, love them or hate them.....

Bugs.........if they do no damage they are welcome to live in my garden. Having said that, we just had to kill off a nest of nasty wasps. We only took this action after they again attacked Tristen and got a couple of the poodles. Bella was sick she almost went into shock. So, we had to destroy them.
On a happier note I go among the bees and wasps daily to get pictures. They do no harm to me. That bunch got me several times but until they got Tristen and the dogs I was not prepared to destroy them. Bees do not attack people. Wasps sometimes do. Hornets sometimes do, but usually not unless provoked.
So we try to live in peace.
 photo 5d40ec45-b0ee-4bf4-9d38-52d805502f08_zps80f7bc0b.jpg
I had never seen a wasp like this one (above) it is so pretty don't you think? Around about the same place I saw that little guy I saw this little fly.
 photo db5bd703-7be1-431c-bbb8-1914395cf5a3_zpse56607b3.jpg
I love the luminous colour of both of them. I took several pictures of bees at work. I also saw this guy or is it a girl. A wasp of sorts. I don't really know a wasp from a hornet.
 photo c40d3e7f-8ad4-4c0d-8247-f8c63e31893d_zps3fa48cb3.jpg
Well I do know these are bees
 photo ee23fd51-e807-4a1d-8af9-cb806c26bbef_zps606e3a9c.jpg
 photo 2213c4af-f5af-4991-b59b-ebd6123683ac_zpsff4365ff.jpg
I love this picture. I was fortunate to catch the bee in flight. I have wanted to get a picture like that forever.
 photo 065c79da-36fa-4a6e-847c-be05412c9c12_zps5e58dd2f.jpg
This is another of the same bees, there are many like that one. Some are a lot bigger so I am not sure if they are quite the same. I don't think they are the same as the bigger ones who have the dot on the back.
 photo 2d6b7808-6937-4feb-8d82-f5916e00a382_zpsdbd5f71b.jpg
I will have to look that up. Why have I not done that yet. I do want to know. Anyway........this guy was also in my garden. Very posh in his bright colours
 photo f5359701-ee33-4919-acc1-7a3e7de859fb_zps7b2eccd8.jpg
 photo 37d3e2bc-12ef-4215-bc5d-717d0865ab78_zps800ffc1b.jpg
So those were a few of my visitors. Boring......I want bears and big things, or at least more bunnies. Even the birds are boring. Sigh!!! and they are molting too.
Ah well here are a few flowers to end with oh and this guy, he was sitting on the fence jumping for honeysuckle berries. He went down on the drive to eat them.
 photo fc9b41ee-e1cc-49b7-a903-42d3e5ebff4c_zps1b432515.jpg
 photo 06502502-4bf4-435a-a777-1b10b6f19e73_zpsb466d066.jpg
here's the flowers
 photo ae9883fc-d505-4eeb-9e0d-e01bec604f29_zpsdd383a8f.jpg
 photo ef587cfc-5960-4d1e-85c4-8f3b71674a7a_zps08f1afa6.jpg
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Magic Love Crow said...

You take the greatest pictures Janice! You really do! I love that photo of the bee flying! Amazing! Not boring at all! Big Hugs ;o)

September Violets said...

Such wonderful shots of all the flora and fauna! I love bird watching, and you saw some great ones on your walk. The sandhill cranes are amazing! I've never seen them here. I think the bird at the side of the road is actually an osprey. Maybe a young one as the markings on his head aren't clearly defined. But his wing looks like that of an osprey, and his very white tummy with just a few speckles on his chest. Either way, it was a special sighting to be so close to him without him flying away. Your garden (and bugs!) looks wonderful. I just got stung by a nasty little wasp yesterday. I find they're less tolerant as we head into fall. This guy landed on the back of my neck and when I tried to brush him away (not realizing it was a wasp) he stung me. Lots of birds in my yard lately ... fueling up for their flights south. I have to fill the feeders every day, and the water fountain, pond and bird bath are full of feathers each day (glad they're using them!). Enjoy your week Janice. Wendy x