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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

and more from July garden...................

So today I finished another pretty for the garden. I am trying to use up a lot of old stuff and dwindle my craft supplies down. A while ago I had some ornaments, fairies, they broke and left me with some wire wings. I held on to them. I wondered if I could make something with them and when I started stringing beads I looked at the bigger one of the two and decided to experiment. Here it is.
 photo 20170704_175653_zpskomdsvpc.jpg
I am quite happy with this one. Anyway, I refreshed some garden things with nail polish. This one was twinkling in the sun but I don't think I captured it.
 photo 20170704_175807_zpsfnkp7mzg.jpg
There are some new blooms on my old farm rose. I gave it some fertilizer, maybe that will give it a boost
 photo 20170704_175827_zpsd5ngr2ki.jpg
In the back of this picture you can see a very large tub with some grass in it. I gave up on trying to control it in the garden and now I can have it and control it too.
 photo 20170704_180012_zps23xdpkfv.jpg
This stuff needs a lot of control too, it spreads all over but is so pretty. It comes in a few colours but I just have pink. I have enough problems with that.
 photo 20170704_142311_zpswgeqcnjp.jpg
This is Creeping Jenny (I think) it's such a pretty colour. It took me a long time to get it going but now I have it in several places. I put some in the little boy fountain out back, the water would not stay in so I am hoping that means it will drain OK. I am thinking I wont mind if it spreads bit under the pines.
 photo 20170704_175951_zpsvjdevpcg.jpg
I have a few other things that are blooming so may as well show those today
 photo 20170704_142326_zpsoaiid6xs.jpg
 photo 20170704_140303_zpsksvedt6j.jpg
 photo 20170704_140248_zpscwdjzi8f.jpg
Bodicea enjoyed a mild day in the shade, she is getting old poor girl. She has trouble walking now and I am pretty sure she is having some hearing and vision problems (sounds like me)
 photo 20170704_142106_zpsaggjhcc5.jpg
I found a home for a pretty saucer that was broken. I didn't want to smash it or throw it away and so here it is in it's new home.
 photo 20170704_141233_zps6kaj6kgg.jpg
Well that's about it for today, I enjoyed the light on these yellow lilies and took a picture.
 photo 20170704_140236_zps8yvwmqbr.jpg
I enjoy going out with my camera every day, it seems every day there is something new to see. I had not meant to post this often.


Merlesworld said...

I have something similar to your creeping Jenny but mine is known as creeping charlie.

Magic Love Crow said...

Truly beautiful! I have a lot of areas, where I have tall grass! LOL! Don't worry about it! Big Hugs!