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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Its October, the sun is still shining. It's still warm although the nights are nippy. In some places we have had frost but not a killing frost so far. I have sprayed and brought most of my plants in that are coming in. I have pretty much given up on the garden. Today I did go have a look around. If its still nice at the weekend I will try a clean up. I do have to bring in ornaments. I have found that the ornaments I have made will need ongoing repairs, the glue does not hold forever apparently. That's Ok, I can recycle. I will remake them next year. The ones I really liked I can redo, clean and reapply the glue. A few got broken. With a (now) 6 year old around its not worth putting a lot of money into things.
I am also thinking of digging up the gardens one by one in the Spring and redoing them. I want to bunch things together and make a better display. I have been putting things in hither and yon and now they are sparse. I was looking around I saw Mr and Mrs Cardinal. I got this picture of Mr
 photo 104_0129a_zpscx86qhan.jpg
I saw some pretty leaves and it reminded me of childhood. I remember one class in what we call Kindergarden here, we had to collect leaves and press them for a school project.
 photo 104_0130a_zpsuymliylp.jpg
 photo 104_0134a_zpsxtmrykrt.jpg
It made me think of the village back when I was a kid the old farm across the road from school that was covered in beautiful vines that were reds and oranges in Autumn. I love things that take me back, is that a sign of old age when we start to remember the past.?
I also love to look at the shapes of seed pods. I always take a picture of this one.
 photo 104_0145a_zpsfqns6o8p.jpg
Also the Bee Balm
 photo 104_0149a_zpsue4bvzmb.jpg
The Michaelmas Daisies are doing so well out the front. I have to move the back ones. The bees are still loving them and they have spread really well to make a nice display of colour. I love the bee's wings.
 photo 104_0141a_zpszmjxqgjb.jpg
 photo 104_0143s_zpsbl4ezkri.jpg
One thing for certain, next year I really must find out what is eating my plants and flowers. They are all full of small holes. I suspect a gnat type of thing. I did get rid of slugs early on and its not that. So maybe when I take things out I can spray them before putting them back. By doing this I wont need to buy a bunch of stuff next year. If I do, it will be small shrubs that flower. By the road I tried a wild flower garden. What a mess that is. That's going. I will pull all that and put in a couple of knockout roses. They will get plenty of sun. I will have some roses and it will look pretty.
 photo 104_0138_zpsza9przgm.jpg
The Pine trees are going to get trimmed back and under those I will plant shrubs and hosta. I would love a fence but......well I don't think that's going to happen.

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September Violets said...

Everything is looking so pretty still in your gardens Janice! My gardens are just about finished. Lots of green, but not much flowering. I ripped out a bunch of shasta daisies last year because they just didn't last long enough for me, and they were completely taking of my black-eyed Susans (which I liked better). If the Michaelmas daisies last such a long time, maybe I'll try those instead. I feel the same way about decorative things in my yard. My yard is full of kids I take in during the day, so things have to be strong enough to withstand them, or mostly just out of their reach! Windchimes are my favourite as I enjoy the sound and so do the kids :)
Have a great weekend!