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Monday, September 28, 2015

About the bees..................

Well even though the garden is straggly and dull, there are a few things going on. The bees are still buzy. The Michaelmas Daisies are doing well out front. Not so good out back. SO......I will put the new ones out front. I have lots to do out there. AS I have probably said all summer. Boy summer is short in Michigan. It's done already. The leaves are changing and its very dry. The Mums I bought are all done and not even in the ground yet. I have Hosta to plant.
Well it's supposed to be cooler now for the following week. Maybe I can become enthused?
Well here are a few pictures from today.
 photo IMG_0108_zpsudooicpb.jpg
The Michaelmas daisies (Asters) are pretty and full of busy bees.
 photo 104_0091a_zpsde5yfobs.jpg
 photo 104_0104ac_zpsqh5ghnb5.jpg
My new camera is not a lot better than the last one.
 photo 104_0095a_zpsmwavumar.jpg photo 104_0086a_zpsl6ckpnpg.jpg
I have not found a camera that focuses as clear as my old one. I still prefer that one. I do have to get used to the new one though. I cant afford to just keep going through camera's
 photo 104_0085ba_zpsijtvkmj7.jpg
The colours on any of them do not show reds or pinks well. Still have issues with that.
 photo 104_0108_zpsmqeiimxu.jpg
I have to decide what I want to bring in for Winter. I hate to see things die. I managed to bring a couple of things in so far. I just dont have room for everything and hate them taking up so much space.
 photo IMG_0124a_zpszwnkmm7x.jpg
Tristen has wrecked a good many of my garden things this year and even though I have made a bunch of stuff I will be needing more. Still storage will be a bit easier if we can clean up the shed again. Jason bought me this gazing ball its steel, the others are all glass. I may try to get more of these.
 photo IMG_0107_zpssbqjhz9f.jpg
This daisy is the prettiest colour. Out back I have some more burgundy colour ones. I think I need to move them all to the front in the hopes of them doing better.
 photo 104_0116_zpshn06f0dh.jpg
One thing about the end of summer is the planning for next year. I sure hope I have the energy next year because everything needs doing over. Lots of digging up and moving. Makes me tired thinking of it.

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Merlesworld said...

Lovely flowers and great bee pictures.