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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A few Birds.........................

There were a few birds at the feeder today. I really have not had a lot of visitors all summer. I suppose they have been busy raising families and there has been enough food around. The Chickadees come and go,
Today Boots was sunning in one of her favourite spots where she can keep one eye on the garage (in case a chipmunk should come out) and the other on the bird feeders
 photo 102_0282_zpscp3c2gun.jpg
So in comes a Cardinal. I went and got my camera, I was just cleaning pots to bring in plants for the winter. I got him looking rather ratty in his moult.
 photo 102_0273a_zpslvfthak5.jpg
He made a bid for the feeder
 photo 102_0274a_zpsbbghizdd.jpg
Meanwhile Boots was deciding if she should make the effort or not. She got up and stretched and sauntered towards the feeder. The Cardinal was unaware so I coughed. He popped his head out and looked at me. I pointed at the cat.
 photo 102_0283a_zpst51c5lwu.jpg
The Cardinal decided the meal was not worth the risk and Boots lost another meal. Meanwhile we had several Chickadee come in. I have a feeling they are all relatated. They nest around here every year and we get a lot of them. They are small so I am sure they are the babies.
 photo 102_0287a_zpsgqy8esqb.jpg
They are some of my favourite birds. I love how in Winter the small birds form a gang and hang out together. I missed the Nuthatch that came in. I am sure that we will see more of them soon. The weather is getting cooler, mornings and evenings drawing in. Wont be long now and the snow will fly. Time to get the plants ready and decide who will come inside for Winter.
Meanwhile this little guy was enjoying a seed in the grapevines
 photo 102_0298a_zpsjgaaiuul.jpg
I got distracted from my chore and took pictures instead
 photo 102_0300a_zpsllypnv39.jpg
The Rose is looking nice. The only one that thrives in my garden. Still blooming
 photo 102_0291a_zpscrxr5zhv.jpg
I got back to work. Tomorrow I need to find a spray to be sure no passengers come in among the leaves, I hate doing that but don't need any more spiders or earwigs in the house.
I did like this picture though
 photo 102_0281a_zpsjwf9xsaj.jpg
So all for now. I hope to get all the feeders up and running and get a nice variety of visitors this year.

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Merlesworld said...

Yes I like that last picture too, real action shot.