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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wild flowers on our walk............

I took a few pictures of wildflowers when we went for a short walk a few days ago. I thought I would share a few here. First I believe is a Teasel. Thats what I call it anyway. Looks good when its dried.
 photo 103_0113a_zpshevv6g6p.jpg
 photo 103_0089ab_zpsqalrliys.jpg
I was happy to finally catch a white butterfly actually sitting still for a few seconds. Cabbage White is what I know it as.
 photo 103_0105b_zpsgj2eecmt.jpg
Queen Annes Lace with a friend in tow.
 photo 103_0097a_zpstsjlwpzf.jpg
I love it when things go to seed
 photo 103_0089a_zpsfhtcf2yb.jpg
 photo 103_0087a_zpshz4vsyqy.jpg
 photo 103_0088a_zpsip7umkjm.jpg
 photo 103_0088ab_zpsxo09c7e0.jpg
I love the close ups and my dandelion clocks I can't resist

 photo 103_0085a_zpshtdcauoi.jpg
This is the most beautiful blue. It usually grows by the side of the roads and I know what it is, but cant remember. I will think on it
 photo 103_0084a_zpsrrnujaac.jpg
The birds will be lucky when they find these berries.
 photo 103_0078a_zpsrpcqriau.jpg
The Black Eyed Susans are doing better than the ones in my garden
 photo 103_0069a_zps1hjcb2cs.jpg
Say hello to the Mallard. The babies are all grown now. One was still hanging around
 photo 103_0071_zpskmtrnemb.jpg
The bees were still very busy
 photo 103_0061a_zpsfebxjoqa.jpg
Then the wild mint I think it is, at any rate its pretty
 photo 103_0083a_zpsj9gw3rjz.jpg
The Damesels were being naughty
 photo 103_0072a_zpsi17gmp8m.jpg
Well it was great to get out in the fresh air and I love taking pictures there is nothing going on in my garden. Its a mess and I have no ambition right now to do much about it. So maybe next time.

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