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Saturday, September 12, 2015

What a mess................

My poor garden has been sadly neglected. Its bad enough this time of year anyway. I tend to do most of my work in the Spring. Usually that takes me into Fall without a lot of trouble. I have summer free then when its hot. This summer, you will know if you read Bluebell Woods blog, my husband was in hospital for 3 weeks. Well that not only put a damper on things inside the house, getting things done, outside too.
My weeds over took my flowers. It got so hot things wilted. My potted plants look ill.
 photo 100_0482j_zps4sxbymey.jpg
I did put in a new garden earlier and the rose (above) did well. Maybe next year I will put more roses in there.
My Day lily all did well but the daisies and bee balm all got very straggly. I think next year I must dig things up and begin over. I am not sure how to proceed with that. I know it all needs to be more organized and I have not the strength to do that this year. So I will wait for spring. I also bought mulch to redo the pathways and I am putting that on hold too. I have plans for next year.
 photo 101_0606a_zpsan9yspnt.jpg
 photo 101_0603a_zpstl40zb1n.jpg
 photo 101_0610d_zpshiakpkai.jpg
I did see a few butterfly this year in the Spring but they too faded out. I did see this chap though.
 photo 101_0630g_zpslhjtrrdp.jpg
Some of the plants did well but my Iris didnt do much this year. It all really needs sorting, thinning and moving
 photo c97ddf28-3ee0-4da1-b18b-d74434540777_zpsyzcj7eqb.jpg
I cant even imagine how I will get it all done next year. I may have to get some help.
 photo 100_0457hj_zpsuwumtlwk.jpg
Not sure who this is (above) but he posed for me he is.
 photo 100_0460jl_zpsmmeh8goh.jpg
I dont have much else to say at this point. I have been just too involved in other things to work on my garden. It will soon be time for birds and getting things on track for winter. AT least I will be able to keep up my blog now. I will have to go back through my pictures and see what else I have. I did at least keep up my photos. More later


September Violets said...

Hello Janice! It's been a long time since I've visited, but I have spent quite a time reading back, back, back through your posts to catch up again. I finished reading a post from the beginning of June. Loved reading about your dad's garden, even though the photos can't show the details, you can see that the gardens were stunning! My grandparents lived in Sheffield, and I was always struck by the amazing gardens everyone had along their street ... each one enclosed by a thick hedge. I enjoyed seeing all your own amazing flowers as well! You have such a variety of flowers in all colours of the rainbow. I love the lilies too, but there was a "red lily beetle" that has attacked my Asiatic lilies (the beautiful lilies on a single tall stem) two years in a row. The flowers bloomed, and then the beetles ate the flowers from the ground up, leaves & petals. They looked horrible, so I ripped them all out. The daylilies were untouched.

I was so sorry to hear of your husband's medical troubles. Three weeks in hospital is a long time, especially when the doctors can't figure out the problem. It sounds like he was lucky to get the issues resolved, and I hope he feels back to normal again soon.

Take care Janice, and I hope to be more into blogging again now that summer has gone ... whoooooosh!!!! I've been a negligent blogger for the past few months.


Merlesworld said...

I love your orange tiger lilies.