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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One heck of a storm....................

During the days that Gerry was sick we had a storm. I have never seen such a widespread damaging storm here in this area. There were trees down all around my house but no damage to our place. I was shocked the next day when I saw the damage.
 photo DSCN5234_zpsozvfpryi.jpg

That was my neighbours house. The tree was struck by lightening. The street was blocked by downed trees in all directions.
 photo DSCN5223_zpsjgudg5ia.jpg
 photo DSCN5222_zpspged7rge.jpg
 photo DSCN5230_zpsczwtmhez.jpg
 photo DSCN5232_zps18cbtqqy.jpg
We were very lucky to not have a power outage. Much of this area was out for several days.
It was the biggest toughest storm I can remember. It was not just local to Traverse City. The amazing thing is the huge area it covered. Tornadoes virtually unheard of here all over the place.
Some of our favourite places have been stipped of timber. Such a shame. It will grow again but not in our lifetime as one friend said.
 photo 11831792_1010241255667508_2567528153149622673_n_zps7fivuzqt.jpg
Glen Arbor was cut off for a couple of days so that roads could be cleared of debri. It was amazing that no one died. Several homes were damaged but it could have been much worse.
 photo M109Glen arbor_zpsrclyxrlp.jpg
 photo 11753674_992773210767375_5623664059043767873_n_zpscanzc29t.jpg
It took days to clear roads, the main roads first and the small ones weeks later. The forests had the trees snapped in two, tops taken off. Funny thing, huge healthy trees knocked down and dead trees stayed up. I didnt get that.
So here are a few pictures of the storm coming in.
 photo 11836794_10153498048114496_5518033927758415424_n_zpsfwzzbvya.jpg
 photo 11836778_10153498048054496_6490178684979500550_n_zpsejdh2yg3.jpg
 photo 11822404_604181369720315_5248177891232048614_n_zpsgpudyak5.jpg
 photo 11846670_10153498047984496_7378741559786157844_n_zps9rcqnjad.jpg
 photo 11738057_10153498048224496_7558366367983719575_n_zpsif5htgwk.jpg
So many people saw it coming and got great pictures. The whole of Leelanau and Grand Traverse County was affected.
I slept through it all..........and was amazed when I got a phone call from the emergency warning people to stay off the roads. Hmmmmmm
Laura and I went out next day and took a drive, we went to the beach. You would not know there had been a storm, it was a beautiful day. We figured a great day for beach combing, and it was. It was sad to see all the damage though, so many lines down and we had to negotiate trees on the side roads. The road and power people did an amazing job, if the people who were complaining got out and saw the extent of what they had to cope with, well, they would be a bit more Patient

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