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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Poodle time............

The girls are really not outdoors people, I am talking about the poodles. They will go out if I go with them but are reluctant. It's either too hot or too cold I suppose. Maybe it's just that they like being inside where they feel safe. Other poodles we had went everywhere with us. This batch do not like being on a leash or leaving the garden. I suppose because it's all they have known. They are not adventuresome.
I have made my garden to be full of little paths for them to venture on. They will go out and yell at anyone who passes by.
 photo 103_0774_zpsgyixsi9u.jpg
We do hope to put up a higher fence some day, but that would spoil their fun. There are little paths to and fro from that spot where they "greet" people.
 photo 103_0775_zps3swaqigg.jpg
 photo 103_0776_zpsntowixxb.jpg
I was out there and chasing Brea around she will play for awhile but not for long. Both small poodles have knee problems and I am sure that has a lot to do with the reluctance to walk and play a lot.
 photo 103_0770_zpsfhvtdbyr.jpg
Bodi could use some exercize, she is getting bigger by the day. She is just so cuddly and everyone loves her.
 photo 103_0767a_zpsficso88r.jpg
Bella much prefers snuggling under her blankets.
 photo 103_0761_zpsgyrc4nb1.jpg
 photo 103_0745a_zpsrefumu5a.jpg
There were two under there until I got the camera, but did manage to capture Bella.

 photo 103_0760a_zpstrnfyi1i.jpg
The poodles are always a big part of our lives and so I love taking pictures of them. As there is not a lot going on in the garden it seemed like a good time to share some poodle moments.

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September Violets said...

What a cute little trio! I have just the one dog, and he barks at everyone passing by and everyone who comes to the door. It gets a bit too much at times. He's quite loud. But he does love his walks!