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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Clean up begins....................

This time of year is just so beautiful. but the garden is not. Gerry started to pack away my garden ornaments today. It's looking sad out there. Such a sunny day and no chairs to sit on. The fish have the chicken wire over them to keep the leaves from going in the pond. Still it is October and not too many leaves are down just yet. So the pond should stay rather clean until Spring. Goodnight fishies, I hope you live to enjoy another year, I will look for you in the SPring.
 photo oct1_zpsfo8r4bpy.jpg
I love to look at the seed pods, they are art work at its finest. They are the future, they are hope.
 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpstnbvavln.jpg
The apples on our tree are for the birds, insects and any animals who want them. We do not eat them, they are not good eating apples. I suppose I could try making some apple sause but I prefer to leave them so the birds can gleen the bugs that live on them and everyone gets something. I get pretty blossoms in the Spring.
Now if only the squirrels would hibernate and quit stealing all the food, go eat some apples for goodness sake
 photo oct2_zpsogpc5mmn.jpg
The Blue Jays are still noisy and demand food. I have not seen the Crows since the babies left the nest. I hope they come back this winter. I am seeing the small birds come back again. I set up my spot by the bathroom window so I can watch and take pictures
 photo a5_zpsumsrun9x.jpg
Maybe some day someone different will come along. I have has some Finches come in a couple of times as well as the usual gang
 photo A1_zpst7z1x9bc.jpg
Boots sets herself up to watch but usually dozes off, or cant be bothered to move unless its a Chipmunk, she seems to have a thing about Chipmunks
 photo a2_zpsmcwlldkb.jpg
My little friend Brea was giving off some advice while I was out there this evening
 photo 103_0355_zpsmqazhnsq.jpg
This is one of the Finches
 photo 104_0251a_zpsowtrulxl.jpg
I will have to go to the grain store and see what I can find that may attract some different birds. We used to get a lot birds that we don't see anymore. I wonder what happens, do they send out scouts? I know the Blue Jays and Crows do. I suppose if they are getting what they need they don't bother looking. Its funny that we don't get pidgeons because there is a flock of them that hangs out one street over yet they never come here. I would not mind if they did.

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Merlesworld said...

Lots of animal visitors in your garden nice of you to let the birds and bugs eat your apples.