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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Its coming.........

Woke up to a dusting of snow on the roof. It was gone with the sun but was a reminder. It was a cold day today, not freezing, but cold. It was also sunny, so very pretty. This cold spell will help the leaves to change. If its sunny tomorrow maybe we will go for a ride and check them out.
Also maybe one more walk on the beach at Leland.
We were lucky to have not got the snow they did in Kalkaska area, they got real snow.
 photo 103_0623a_zpszd9kkax9.jpg
Pretty leaves in the garden on the ground, look sweet when the birds are there too.
 photo chickadee_zpswceqtjdf.jpg
The Junco's are back. They were as usual hanging out with the Chickadees and finches
 photo junco_zpsdxcxennq.jpg
Do you see the one jumping?
 photo junco2_zpsurftxjhu.jpg
So far the bright yellow finches have not showed up but I probably just missed them. They will be around.
 photo 103_0587a_zpspphfrnmi.jpg
I like the little house finches too, so much like Sparrows but not. We never get Sparrows and I wish we did. Nothing like squarreling squabbling Sparrows
 photo 103_0627a_zpsusxsnpgx.jpg
 photo 103_0593a_zpsua5hylxu.jpg
Then we have spuddy the Mourning Dove. Look at the head, growth. Looks funny, this one was fiesty too, was chasing off the Junco's
 photo spud_zpskhoer5wh.jpg
Today would have been nice to take a ride. Can't really walk in the woods in peace as it's bow hunting, although with kids along its not that we wont be heard. I remember last year going on a hike and when we got back some guys were heading in with guns. Thats legal too, said we should wear orange or stay out, well it was a national park and we never expected to have to worry about that. We went but there were still people hiking. The park ranger just shrugged so I know they were within their rights. Does not seem right to me.

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