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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cardinal Family......................

I am linking this to mosaic monday

For several years now we have had success with the Cardinal population. Prior to that it seems a certain black and white cat was responsible for eating a great many of them. So say my neighbours. Those same neighbours were loading up their beebee guns. Well that said cat started to hang out in my garden. We had no clue who she belonged to and she was scrawny and pregnant. We fed her, not a good way of making her move on. I didn't want her having kittens under my deck so with my granddaughter begging me and making lots of promises I took her in. We had her spayed, I asked the vet how he felt about that first as she was not far along. He said better now than to have to destroy kittens later and so we made that horrible choice. The cat came to live with us (her name is Boots) and the Cardinals thrived.


This is another collage of flowers and bees doing their work. Fall will be here soon. We need to keep these little critters happy, the bees do not have it so good these days. Honey bees are getting to be rare. We need to do our part and not use pesticides or anything that will harm them. Life is a circle and what effects one beast will effect us all.


This next collage is all about berries. Berries in your garden will bring in the birds for winter feeding. It helps those who migrate and those who stay. I have allowed the berries of the deadly nigtshade to flourish because the birds love them. Just keep your kids away, they really are deadly.



My Little Home and Garden said...

This is really beautiful. You might want to consider going to Little Red House and linking up with "Mosaic Monday" there. (There are instructions there on how to join in. Just a thought...)
-Karen :)

Teagarden said...

Wow, what lovely birds! Thanks for sharing!

Kim, USA said...

Oh my they are so pretty. I love them and this winter they gonna stick together and look for the seeds in your bird feeder ^_^

Mosaic Monday

Pondside said...

Very pretty mosaics - I love the cardinal!

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Beautiful mosaics and I love the story about the kitty cat, thank you for taking her in and taking care of her. My cat tries to catch our birds and sometimes he does but most of the time I start calling him and the birds fly off.
We counted fourteen cardinals around the feeder the other day.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
Have a wonderful day!!