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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Where are the butterfly's? I usually have a host of visitors during the Spring and summer months. This year I have only seen one in my garden. A white one, well actually I did see another one the other day passing through. I could not get a picture because it was on a pine tree checking out some berries that were growing on the vine on it. So what happened? Was it because it was so hot? I have planted milkweeds.


I dug some out of the side of a road where they would have been cut down, I did that to try to have them spread around here so that the Monarch has something to eat and lay its eggs on. No luck so far but at least the milkweed is getting established.
Any other year and we see loads of Monarchs. I have put in Butterfly plants in orange and yellow


Also last year I put in a butterfly bush even though I don't really like them. Now I think I need to move the darn thing. Its doing well but its just not in a good spot for me. They are so untidy. Next Spring I will move it.


So we have plenty of really bright flowers and stuff to attract the butterfly's if they fly over but they just have not paid a visit yet. I thought maybe when it cooled down some they would come. Too late now all those flowers are gone.
Maybe next year. I wanted to take lots of pretty pictures but alas...........none this time. I prefer to show my own pictures so have at least got the pictures of flowers.


Msrobin said...

It may take awhile for the butterflies to know you have the right things growing, so just be patient! I see you live in Traverse City, it's one of my favorite spots on earth. I'm from Michigan originally, but live in the Columbus Ohio area now. But we visit TC every few years!

Lona said...

Your Milkweed plant is so pretty. They will find it soon enough. Mine is always stripped every year now and does not even get to bloom. LOL! I have tried growing two Butterfly shrubs and they always die. I want to get a larger one in the Spring and hope it will do better. Your is a beautiful color.

tea time and roses said...

Your garden is absolutely lovely! The butterflies will come, they most certainly will. :o) Happy week to you.