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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish Pond.

We really enjoy the small pond that we have in the back garden. Its a challenge though. We started 3 years ago. The first winter we brought in all surviving fish and put them in a big tank. They did very well and grew over the winter. Come Spring they went back outside and did well all summer. Then we had a visitor and fish kept disappearing. We had a couple of misshaps with the pump. That's a long story but to make it short we unintentionally emptied the pond a couple of times. Lucky the fish had an inch or so and survived. All those fish had names so we were not happy to loose anyone. That winter we left them in the pond. Got a water heater that would just stop it from freezing to the bottom. The fish made it through with flying colours. Then just as we thought we had it all down pat, someone ate the fish. My fish that had names. I was really pissed off. So now we were down to just a couple, I bought more fish. They all died. Bought more and they died. Then we realized that the water has floride in it and I had forgotten to put in the stuff that neutralizes it. This year we have two fish left. They are happy fish and are doing very well. We have made hiding places in the pond for them, they can get away from cats or racoons that may fancy a snack.

These are the two survivors.


These two have grown over this summer and should be able to make it through the winter OK. If they do survive this winter they will just get bigger. I wont get them any new fish because I dont want to introduce any disease. I want to try to keep them healthy.


The pond is 3' in the middle but not too big around. Bigger than it look here though.


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