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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday afternoon in the garden...................

After a light rain this morning it was too wet to work outside. It was a lovely day for it but instead we went out.
So when we got back I went to see what's new.
 photo 20180613_155514_zpstzaqe2s3.jpg
 photo 20180613_155517_zpskc7aohaz.jpg
Things out front much the same, it needed watering though. It will be hard to do that if we go anywhere for any amount of time. I found that when we went away for a week, even if I had someone water, I still found things died.
So out back the smell of the Lavender was sweet.
 photo 20180613_154804_zpsydhuwlxd.jpg
Mainly I wanted pictures of the vines because today we have several flowers blooming and the are pretty.
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_154453_zps8cihc7ym.jpg
 photo 20180613_154450_zpsjgdi7uad.jpg
 photo 20180613_154455_zpsnpcy4zmu.jpg
 photo 20180613_155026_zpsd2q4fnic.jpg
So apart from that not a lot new. A few more Iris popped.
 photo 20180613_155501_zpsvyenn61v.jpg
I actually took a selfie because I hit the button that changes the camera so I found myself looking at myself. So I clicked it to see how it was. Note to self, wear makeup.
 photo 20180613_155019_zpst3ygbjan.jpg
 photo 20180613_155052_zpskolvkxsf.jpg
I have been doing my garden blog a bit too often so may just give it a break. I need to work on My Pretty Things. Nothing to report there for ages.


Magic Love Crow said...

The garden looks great Janice! It has been dry this year so far. I haven't been watering. If things die off, they do. I don't pay for the water bill! LOL! Thanks for letting me know that Laura has the paintings! Makes me feel special! Big Hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

By the way, you don't need makeup!