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Thursday, May 31, 2018

June is busting out..................

Almost, it is the last day of May and we had the back end of Alberto come through last night. It did take some of the heat and humid air out with it. Lots of lovely rain that has made my garden happy. So I am happy. Unfortunately for me it did not drown the Mozzies as I had politely asked. Ah well. Day inside today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and cool. It's still wet outside and I have a load of housework to do.
 photo 20180529_144807_zpstccwr5on.jpg
It is amazing how a small box of plants can cost about 78 dollars and disappear when planted. Hmmmmmm. Well everything got into the ground before the rain so that was nice.
This little tomato plant is the first to have flowers and look one tiny green tomato, now I know the plant is not going to outgrow its pot I will hang it up in the sun
 photo 20180531_120153_zpssl6o1zi9.jpg
The beans have sprouted and the Zucchini looks good. I am putting the little Rhubarb there to the side.
 photo 20180531_115753_zpstgdazksn.jpg
 photo 20180531_115802_zpsvg4tvulx.jpg
So having established that the veggies are doing OK I wonder what else I should plant. Heck, I have room for corn haha. No, I don't think so............but not sure what else I could plant either.
So here's the thing. I moved my radio flyer that I found somewhere in a field abandoned. Brought home many years ago, not workable so I want to plant something in it but what? Any suggestions, it will be in shade.
 photo 20180531_115822_zpswylkhutk.jpg
This is the ornamental grass I corralled in a big tub I am still collecting it's offspring from other parts of the garden. Now it looks lovely and has to behave
I will start another container of the ones I pull up from this area.
 photo 20180531_115818_zpsadw8uerk.jpg
 photo 20180531_115936_zpspdnhzu1g.jpg
That spot finally filled in and is doing OK but now to get it under control. The whole edge of the Pines are Day lily types.
The side with the fence is coming along and it will be allowed to go wild as the plantings are spreaders.
 photo 20180531_115906_zpssav9ydko.jpg
 photo 20180531_115930_zps2tvwwe6c.jpg
 photo 20180531_115901_zpsoben7ngc.jpg
It really did not take me as long as I expected to whip the front into shape. I planted some daisies and Lily in here and the rest ended up in what was supposed to be the rose garden. Roses do not like me. The one little knockout is doing well and actually I have 3 other roses who are ok. Maybe the others will come along as they get older.
 photo 20180531_115947_zpsnw2jvydq.jpg
 photo 20180531_115954_zpsw9uchb8v.jpg
 photo 20180531_120007_zpsmfbc69zi.jpg
 photo 20180531_120034_zpsbrtgomfr.jpg
The side where the Iris are I decided to not put any more in there. The Iris are just starting to pop and it fills in pretty quick when the yellow daisies take off. A pulled a load out last year because they get unruly.
 photo 20180531_120125_zpsmhr8kkzi.jpg
 photo 20180531_120058_zpshw7f7m7y.jpg
This part gets really unruly but is shrubs mainly with some yellow flower that spreads like crazy and some Asters. That can remain as is and I just have to pull out the invaders when they get too close to the grass, the lilly on the corner is lovely when it blooms.
 photo 20180531_120043_zpsuyqw3ms1.jpg
I did see my Hydrangea is coming up from the roots so I better cut off the dead wood. I wonder if my butterfly bush does the same because it looks dead to me. So looking out onto the front from the steps, these are the views.
 photo 20180531_120237_zpsvu6kww1g.jpg
 photo 20180531_120232_zpsalmlbn1u.jpg
 photo 20180531_120215_zpsytctn8ae.jpg
 photo 20180531_120158_zpsly7wbvjs.jpg
Some day soon it will all be blooming. I hope. We have a much larger plot than the neighbours ours is a double and I have the same amount of space out back. It's a lot to keep up and one reason I am putting in wild stuff that spreads. Next to go out and get those darn Lily of the Valley whipped into shape out back. This can rest awhile till I see what happens once the sun comes back out.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Janice! Looking amazing! Just to let you know, rhubarb needs space!! Ours is doing amazing this year. already had two rhubarb crisps! LOL! For your little wagon, how about some type of sedum? There are so many different types and so easy to take care of! Big Hugs!