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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

OK I was naughty...................

I went to see Alex today. I didn't go Memorial Day because it's always so busy and we could not have Tristen. So I stopped by today. First I went to Joannes and got a wreath for our back door. I had hoped to find some things there for Alex but they had nothing in the garden department. So I will go to Garden Goods another day. Or Michaels maybe. Anyway, the sprinklers were on and so I didn't get out of the car. Everything looked tidy enough but I will go back another day.
I have had the sprinklers on here as well as it is so hot outside.
 photo 20180529_144810_zpsvi4utpop.jpg
Looks so scruffy right now. I have thinned out what I could.
 photo 20180529_144909_zpscoyx60kn.jpg
Gerry didn't get the grass cut out front this weekend and it's a mess.
 photo 20180529_144919_zpszl1fad2h.jpg
On my way home I stopped at a garden center that Skegamog Gardens puts on every summer. It's temporary but has great stuff. I should have stopped sooner. I found all the things I had looked for. For some reason my pictures won't post to Photobucket.
 photo 20180529_145122_zpsrq1s69ou.jpg
This morning I dug up the front garden and pulled a bunch of the stuff that spreads all over so my Astilbe can breath. Now I need to fertilize and do the back half of that garden. I really need to get in and dig...........I had cone flowers and Bee Balm and several other things that did not do well last year. So I will replace those with the ones I found today. I was not going to buy any more stuff. I really can't afford it but I really cant help it either.
You can see where things are coming up in bits and pieces and I have no idea what they are at this point. Well unless I get down in there but I think Daisies of some sort so will plant the new stuff in between and hope for the best. At least it looks a bit better
 photo 20180529_144846_zpsx6xc9qma.jpg
I don't have a lot more to do out front now. Just some more weed pulling on the side and fertilize and groom. I love these little Poppy things
 photo 20180529_144828_zpss1zjymnc.jpg
This mess just needs old branches pulled and baby trees that took root Otherwise its just Azaelia and Quince with some yellow flowers in front. They may need thinning.
 photo 20180529_144955_zps1gslywtl.jpg
 photo 20180529_145035_zpsbxmtahao.jpg
 photo 20180529_145051_zpspj2lzfmq.jpg
This is the back of the center front where I need to pull some of the Ferns. It's straggly until the Bee Balm fills it in. i will cover the hose when I can pick up some wood chips again.
 photo 20180529_145114_zpszrgfehen.jpg
Next I can do more out the back. That's where I like to work because the Poodles can be outside too. I realize we do not have a whole lot of Tomatoes. I bet Gerry has not thought of that yet so I better let him know to get some this weekend. So far the Zucchini is doing OK. This is a Raspberry and I can't remember how it got there.
 photo 20180529_145130_zpspsh3xuwi.jpg
We have some Strawberries that went wild but we really don't get anything from them as the birds and critters get them first
On Buds side the garden that was supposed to be Roses, well that didn't do well. One rose is doing OK the other two not so much. So I planted some Lavender and put in a Tomato and a Pepper in the hopes that will enjoy it. That's the garden with the rocks around it. Then also on Buds side is the Iris patch. That has spread to other gardens now. I should get some more colours.
 photo 20180529_145008_zpsxtw8aet9.jpg
I should invest in more Iris,they do well and even if they do not bloom the leaves are pretty.
Flowers I did get at Joanne's.
 photo 20180529_145143_zpsguoloedi.jpg
I have put down the rubber mats from Lady's stall that I brought home when she died. They are just a reminder I guess. See the bowl of lettuce? Pretty and useful?
 photo 20180529_145409_zps7veuzwv8.jpg
Herb garden doing well
 photo 20180529_145434_zpsjfpurknk.jpg
I just hope some of it comes back next year. It's a pain buying stuff and planting every year.
Ah well, keeps me busy.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I know I always say this, but I don't know how you keep up with all this Janice! But, everything is looking great!! I heard on the t.v today, that June is going to be hotter than normal! Fun stuff! LOL! Stay cool! Big Hugs!