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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Greening Up...................................

Mid May and it's beginning to get green. Today was a beautiful day. I have been working in the garden on and off and finally got in a full day. I found it was very hard at first, the beginning of the week. I had to do short bursts and rest. Today, I put in a full day and felt great. I am building stamina. So...........I had Gerry go get me some wood chips and some dirt so I could start a new side garden.
It's an area that has been an eye sore for awhile now.
 photo IMG_0136_zpsxeif3rut.jpg
I had an idea. The garden I put in last year did not do as well as I had hoped. Just not enough sun. I watched the side and found that for most of the day there is sun in a part of it. Up close to the house is shade but, the part further out gets sun. So what I did was use the part up close to the porch as my deposit for beach rocks. Make a path of wood chips bordered by some bricks and then another row of bricks. Then I put in some dirt and made a garden where I can plant my Zucchini this year. As I was working I thought there may be enough sun for some tomato as well.
 photo IMG_0132_zpspg0ruqfp.jpg
When looking at the area I thought I would also put in some shrubs later. Too much to do for now but will see next month.
 photo IMG_0133_zpskyjjedkj.jpg
 photo IMG_0135_zps7imjk9vj.jpg
I asked Gerry to plant my shrubs and he did.
 photo IMG_0123_zpss2mvzqe0.jpg
I just have a few more things to plant, This old chair with no seat I put a piece of wood and made a place for my wire basket. Need to fill it now with the plants that are sitting in the basket at the moment.
 photo IMG_0128_zpshf8lidgs.jpg
I planted the Hostas that I got to put in pots instead of annuals, they will come back again.
 photo IMG_0127_zpssv4qdu2t.jpg
I have a few more things yet to plant and need a tray of annuals for the other baskets.
 photo IMG_0125_zpsaweu6ehv.jpg
 photo IMG_0119_zpszfkavyyg.jpg
Poor man always thinks I am done. Never.
 photo IMG_0117_zpsoakidzei.jpg
I love the paths that the Poodles have made and I keep those clear for them and make more. They can get behind the shrubs and stuff and I have planted the new ones away so they can always have hiding places. They love the secret places I have made for them. It reminds me of when I was a kid and had secret paths and dens to play in. My little trails are not big enough for kids but just right for tiny dogs.
 photo IMG_0114_zpsf2x7ecpl.jpg
 photo IMG_0109_zps5f2xgmiw.jpg
I got the area by the shed cleaned up and need some more wood chips down for that area,but at least the junk is all gone now. There is a corner there in the back that I dump leaves and clippings. Now it's looking better. When the leaves are fully foliated you cant see quite so much of the outside world. Right now it all seems wide open. The Hosta's are not yet up in the shade gardens. I have a few more to plant there but until I see who will pop up where I have to wait. The Shade garden is filling in nice. I have found that most of the Hosta like some sun so back there they are late. The Trillium is up and blooming but is much smaller than previous years. I think the cold has stunted them.
 photo IMG_0111_zpsdzzchmzj.jpg
 photo IMG_0112_zpsr97zilrh.jpg
 photo IMG_0116_zps589yioio.jpg
Now as soon as I can I will get some colour back there. I am trying to get away from annuals by putting in shrubs that have flowers. So bought Azalea. The Holly is finally getting to a reasonable size but needs food. Maybe that will help. I must get some more shrubs along the fence line so that fill in more and avoid buying a bigger fence.
I really like this little tufty grass, Carex Evergold I bought 3 and I will get 2 more to actually plant in the garden. I am still waiting to see what comes up first
 photo IMG_0126_zpshntfzchf.jpg
Some things do well in containers but not in the ground so have to wait to see what has survived. I think I will get zinnia or Petunias for some colour. When I get to the garden center all my plans go out the window. I just love the flowers. I always buy twice as much as I plan.
I now have several seating areas, one is sun and one is shade out back as well as my shade spot on the deck. Then there is an area at the front..........more front stuff later. My next project is the Herb garden and then the veggie garden.
 photo 101_5392_zpsao2pz6g6.jpg
 photo 101_5397_zpste0xx3lw.jpg
 photo 101_5389_zpsh2oqrh4a.jpg
 photo 101_5296_zpsaxqkyolm.jpg
Enough for now. I just hope it all looks better when it fills in and things start to grow and bloom but for today, looks good enough.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Looking great Janice! I honestly don't know how you keep up with it all?? LOL! I'm going to start transplanting next week! Big Hugs!