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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Front garden clallenge..........................

Everything is late this year and it's hard going for me. I have been practically growing roots on the couch this Winter. I wanted exercize and I guess I now have it. I am amazed at how slow I am. I am huffing and puffing all the time. I need it right? Well lets see..........I have about finished the back for now. I can do more once I see what's going to come up yet. The Hosta are just breaking ground depending on the variety. So I can't really plant just yet. Probably good because the front needs so much attention. What needs to happen, but won't, is that I dig up the whole main bed and replant things where they would do the best. It is a mess.
This part under the pines needs little care, just pulled some grass and this is where the Ferns I pull will go. I moved the old Radio Flyer there and hope to fill it with something eventually.
 photo 101_5470_zpsvdbv3pxt.jpg
What I will do though instead of buying more stuff is to rehome what I pull up. Some things like the Iris do not bloom, they spread but don't bloom. I also have a mass of Fern that I don't want to spread anymore. I do have a couple of places that I think the will like and I need ground cover so they can have at it. I was out today and not a lot of the Fern has broken ground but I dug some up and dug a hole under that pine tree and it will thrive or not as it wishes.
The Pine trees out front have grown and I must either cut them back or move some of the Day Lily. I think I can find new homes for the lily when I get to that main garden.
 photo 101_5457_zpsvlwtje8m.jpg
A lot of my garden ornaments broke last year so maybe I can persuade those who insist on Birthday pressies to send me garden stuff or vouchers. After this year I certainly won't be able to buy things myself. I have to be creative and once I get caught up outside thats what I will do.
 photo 101_5441_zpshnj9kpmj.jpg
So many things like my Forsythia have baby shoots that I can transplant. I must also try to do cuttings and root them. There is much I can do if I use my knowledge. Thanks Dad. Forsythia is just beautiful in Spring. In fact the Record Eagle photographer stopped and asked if he could take pictures of mine. I have not seen the picture I love it also because it reminds me of my parents house. It grew all over the front and birds nested in it. That was one reason Dad cut it down haha. He could not sleep in on a weekend with the windows open because of the Sparrows nesting under his window.
Since that picture I have planted my Zucchini and cukes.
 photo IMG_0136_zpsxeif3rut.jpg
My finger and toe nails will be dirty now all summer long, as long as I am in the garden.
 photo 101_5445_zpsuyhdunmh.jpg
The Apple tree is in blossom and so pretty. If I had my camera I could have taken a picture of Mr noisy Cardinal enjoying the sun and going at it full throttle.
His wife was in another tree and kept encouraging him.
I did get this Chickadee who was making a meal of the blossoms. Hmmmmm and then just sat and preened the cheeky little sod.
 photo IMG_0221k_zpsluejkb90.jpg
 photo 101_5448a_zpsrhl8nfow.jpg
 photo 101_5452a_zpsckphbvk3.jpg
 photo 101_5451a_zpsozcizlou.jpg
 photo 101_5450a_zpsqdwoirvq.jpg
I just went to Home Depot and got two more Hosta for the shade by the deck. I left them in pots because the will go in the garden later when I know where they are needed. I don't buy too many annuals any more. I try to just get Perennials that will come back. But.......well its never done so I am sure I will pick up a few more when I have some money. I wish I could grow all the things I love but they don't seem to enjoy the shade so much and unfortunately a lot of my garden is in shade.
Hosta are my friends.
 photo IMG_0108_zpsciyf8sip.jpg
 photo IMG_0184_zpsiez34log.jpg
I guess I enjoy the back garden more because we sit out there with the Poodles. Bodi is getting old and can't walk so much now. She has arthritis in her hips and finds it so hard to get around. So it's nice to take her out and let her sit with us. The other three just enjoy people going by and yacking at them. Wish I could afford a fence. I Mean a real privacy fence. I just can't see that happening though. Maybe I can talk Gerry into that one year but it wont be soon. He enjoys sitting in the garden but not the work. I like pottering, but do not like this digging crap, it's killing me now the suns out and getting hot.
 photo IMG_0180k_zpsnlspznjq.jpg
I loved that Petunia, it has spots.
 photo IMG_0186l_zps7dtivpxn.jpg
I ventured onto Buds side of my house. Years ago he threw away a bunch of Tulip bulbs. I said just throw them under the grapevine. Well what with that and the Squirrel population I now have a lovely side garden that only he sees. There are Snowball shrubs under the kitchen window and a Quince that is beautiful. I don't get to enjoy though but it looks lovely in Spring.
 photo 101_5467_zpstaibamyc.jpg
 photo 101_5465_zpss1r68gid.jpg
 photo 101_5468_zpsrvu2ruje.jpg
The Tulips and Daffodils and Forget me nots gone wild. Its lovely.
I really enjoy Quince. Again, it reminds me of my Dad who had it growing over his garden shed.
 photo 101_5458a_zpscpzfmukg.jpg
I must get some more for my back garden.
So today I finished most of the big front garden, moved some Ferns and got ready to do the rest of the front. Taking a break tomorrow and going out with Edna for lunch. It is still looking bare out there. Things still coming up but I have at least made a big start and not a lot more to do. I like that, then I just do the fiddling the rest of the year until Fall. Phew.............more later.
I did sneak back to Home Depot but they didn't have what I wanted. They did have Hosta really good price so got two. I also got some Geranium for the front and side, also a good price and I may be able to over Winter those. The ones I kept last year look sad.
FOr the front step I got Petunias.
 photo 101_5439_zpsgn8s3x9e.jpg
 photo IMG_0191_zpsnstjusd5.jpg
It looks like it's going to rain now. Just had my shower and tried to clean up my toes haha...........they won't look decent till the end of garden season.


Merlesworld said...

You have some truely lovely things in your garden.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, breath! LOL! It will all be good! One day at a time! I have transplanted so many things! I'm not buying nothing! Love the photos! Gorgeous! The chickadee is so cute!!