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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slow Start.............

So Spring is here. Except it's not really being very Springlike. Very dull and cold. I got out a couple of times just to sweep the paths, but way too cold to rake. thats what needs to be done first. I had hoped to get Gerry out this weekend but he got a new computer and has hardly moved all day. So much for that. So much needs to be done.
I am thinking on Monday I will go get some seeds and start those in the house. I did that last year but the cat peed on it. I need some plant pots too. Maybe sometime this week I might get out there.
Meanwhile my ideas....................
 photo cucumber-in-pot_zps1be0kthm.jpg
While I intend to redo the garden I had last year, there is not a lot of room. I will expand that area by moving out the herbs. I am thinking to put those in pots. Then I have another whole portion to put plants. The tomatoes did well and the peppers would have if they had more room. So I will also put at least one tomato in a pot. I want a whole load of tomatoes so I can do some canning. I did that years ago and the home canned ones were awesome.
Several other ideas for planters. I have about 3 of these
 photo ada55b68f32475624e5a2fff21b658d9_zpsntoz74bv.jpg
I also have several of these types of boxes. They will hold things like lettuce and Kale.
 photo 16195321_937314926401307_1995552438773940431_n_zpslhbkwjgn.jpg
I have two of these large metal things, last year I had water plants in one and tried zucchini in the other. The Zucchini did not do well at all, not enough sun. So I think I will leave that one for flowers and something in between that wont mind a little shade. The other one can maybe hold some green beans with a metal fence in for them to climb on.I also want to put in peas.
 photo 16143162_937314883067978_3793355306299313733_n_zpsubg3expj.jpg
Smaller pots can hold some peppers and radishes.I like this idea and can get free pallets
 photo 17190735_265512593902147_8915850140873813781_n_zpspopsgdo2.jpg
My main problem is enough sun. SO I must really take a look at the garden and put containers in the best spots where I won't forget to water them. Come July things dry out so are best in the ground. Spring is time to rethink things. I can't afford to buy much so I must try to use what I have already sitting around. I like this idea because I have one of these.
 photo 2e480a00ee298ac65b9374ae901e2583_zps0e9nrsid.jpg
I have never so far had any luck with Strawberries but I may just try again. Again, I need sun.
 photo 1614268_zpsdfjzcvut.jpg
I have two bags of "dairy doo" to begin with and will use that on the existing gardens but will need to buy several more bags for the flowers.
The patio needs work, I need some gravel to secure the stones like in this picture.
 photo landscaping-with-pea-gravel-flagstone-with-pea-gravel-patio-ideas-40804d4ecd12ee5b_zpsm24havvd.jpg
Then I also want to put more garden under patio stones and put a barrel on that. It will eventually cut back on some of the work. Barrels are expensive though. So will be on the lookout for other ideas.
 photo 103_0558_zpsyaurtcqf.jpg
Thrift shops and yard sales can be great places to find ideas. I need about 25 bags of wood chips. If only Gerry would go pick some up for me free at the county building but he wont so I will have to buy the bags. Or maybe get a truck full delivered. I will start checking prices.
So much work, I hope my back will hold out and I hope it stays somewhat cool till its all done. I am going to send for another bottle bush, I love glass and love the ones I have. They put a bright spot in dark places. Again, less work in the end. Once bought no further expense.
Somehow I have to find the right spot for the zucchini. I may have an idea if I can get Gerry to dig up under the pine tree to put in some more garden area. I would have to improve the soil but it could work. The lillies that are there now do nothing so no loss there. Oooh I am excited to get started. Just have to get someone to do the digging.


Connie said...

Beautiful post, we are just starting to get warm weather . . . I'm so ready to get my hands in the dirt :) You are an inspiration!
Connie :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Take everything one day at a time! Don't hurt your back! Can't wait to see all that you do! Big Hugs!