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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Winter hold overs survived yeahhhhh!!!!!................

Success, I think it's safe to say that the plants I brought inside last Fall have survived. Some have thrived. Some squeaked by but are alive. Time to feed them and re-pot. I really like the Begonia's and I think I want to get some special ones this year to have in the house. The ones I have did really well. I think they had some bugs eating the leaves but that has healed up now and looks good. So this year I will look for some special colours that I like for the house.
 photo 103_0749k_zpspowj5g8i.jpg
I love the pink in this one and will look for more like this.
 photo 103_0741k_zps61dqnmw1.jpg
They did not grow a lot in the house I noticed. That's OK too.
 photo 103_0748_zps7kwy9uzb.jpg
Look at the shape of the leaves on this one.
 photo 103_0738k_zpsxtscsfv2.jpg
I wish I had room to keep the Boston Ferns but did not this year. They were too big, although Laura took a couple. I just hate to let things die off unnecessarily.
I took in 3 Geraniums. They held their own. Now I need to trim them back and feed them. They should do well once they can get outside. Look a bit straggely at the moment but will survive I think. The one in the kitchen window did really well and even bloomed. I need to nip that one back.
 photo 103_0746k_zpsqlqkmeya.jpg
 photo 103_0754_zpsfdpbrtk9.jpg
Several Spider plants will go back outside although I may keep these two inside as they are looking nice. I have two bigger ones that would benefit from some outside time.
They do well on the front porch or on the deck.
 photo 103_0745k_zpsctkpdjnc.jpg
Oh I have some plans for the garden this year, how much can I get done though. I am going to take out a part of one garden and put stones down and a planter. I am trying to make less work for myself. Once Spring clean up is done then I don't have to do a lot out there except a bit of maintenance. Spring is my heavy work time. I intend to dig up another garden this year and fix it up with Hosta or something low maintenance. My colour comes from annuals. The part I want to pave is too shady for whats in there now, so I will dig it up and pot it. So much to do..........can't wait to start. Today is cold but sunny. I hope tomorrow is the same and has dried up a bit by then. Out I will go.
Look at my African violets. They need repotting too and feeding
 photo 103_0733j_zps8he8sqpu.jpg
 photo 103_0732kl_zps4wb96tyt.jpg
 photo 103_0732k_zpsmukfwcyx.jpg
I may buy a couple more because some are really old.I could start my own from cuttings but don't want to wait.
 photo 103_0736k_zpslvnx6gmb.jpg
Some more Begonias in the house.
 photo 103_0742_zpsqprz2xse.jpg
 photo 103_0743_zps09emteza.jpg
It will warm up quickly once it decides to start into Spring. Should do that soon as the 21st is first day of Spring I believe. Our wedding anniversary.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!! Janice, you did so well with your plants!!! Good going girl! Big Hugs!