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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March winds, blowing in the Spring...................

Sunny, rain, snow, windy, sunny, windy and tomorrow snow again. March came in like a Lion. So will it go out like a lamb?
Meanwhile it's blowing up a gale, power is out all over and trees are down hither and yon. Lucky not at my house so far. I took a look around the garden. It seems to be there still but rather a mess as the following pictures will show you. I dread making a start out there. First I will have to take off the layer of dead leaves and see whats under it all. I see the bunnies have been hanging around on a regular basis,that explains why the poodles hang around under the bushes.
 photo 20170308_154354_zpstzdc9dkk.jpg
So I had a quick look around hoping not to get blown away. I saw the first Hyacinth poking through. I saw it the other day and it survived so, I am hoping that Spring is on the horizon. The Iris is doing OK if somewhat frazzled.
 photo 20170308_154230_zps0ci0hks4.jpg
 photo 20170308_154237_zpszidw7yoy.jpg
I took a look at the herb garden. The sage came back. It looks straggly but I will be able to trim that back. I am thinking of moving the herbs into the flower gardens to give more room for the veggies.
 photo sage_zpsvdzrm77i.jpg
Oh these are ghastly pictures but I am so glad to see green, anything green. The funny thing is, the Kale from last year came back. I wonder how that would do in the garden instead of a pot?
 photo 20170308_154424_zps0wnxg8ve.jpg
The Ivy is doing well. All of it. All over the place. Lucky it is not spreading where I don't want it. I will move some this year from the places I don't want it. The ivy in pots does not grow as well. I would assume it freezes. Maybe a bigger pot would help.
 photo 20170308_154259_zpsaabcghpa.jpg
I did notice that the Rhododendron has new growth. Many years ago I planted two. I thought they liked the shade, or part shade, but apparently it's too shady where they are.This one, is the 2nd one that was planted and I thought had died. Well it has over the years crept into a more advantageous place. Fine by me. I hope it thrives.
 photo 20170308_154319_zpsl1cmvlkx.jpg
I am keeping my eye on the buds on the trees. Waiting for them to be ready to pop.It won't be long.
 photo 103_0636_zpsexqij58a.jpg
 photo 103_0637_zps5agpjond.jpg
I loved the way the sun was shining on the branches of the bush. It does'nt show too well but it was glowing red and gold
 photo 103_0638_zpsnplljz0k.jpg
The poodles have enjoyed the sun, even if it was windy. The ventured out several times today.
 photo 103_0635_zpsijqbm2au.jpg
 photo 103_0634_zpscyopfc1h.jpg
The cats have been going out but they do not like the wind.
 photo 103_0632_zpsp6fgchzi.jpg
The cats usually spend their entire days outside. Since the winter came though they have stayed inside only venturing out briefly. Boots was brave today and ventured to the garage but the wind was too much and she came back when the Poodles did.


Magic Love Crow said...

The wind has been crazy around here! I thought today, I was going to be blown over! LOL! I think you are going to be getting spring before us! Nothing growing or budding around here! I can't believe the robins have been here for over a month now! I don't know what they are eating? Big Hugs!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Cold here and can't wait till a little warmer to stay. I grew up in Michigan on a farm near Au Gres. My husband and I lived in Pt. Huron, Michigan for over 30 years before moving to Northwest Indiana. Wondering where in Michigan that you live? We did visit London, England once and loved it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Always fun to make a new friend! Nancy

Denise inVA said...

The weather around here is up and down but not extreme. Enjoyed your photos. Your fur-babies look like they are enjoying the sunshine. Lovely to see new life in your garden. Roll on Spring? Literally around the corner :)