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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Freezing cold, brrrrrr.....................

Today is a beautiful day. Sunny, but freezing freezing cold. We had a few birds come today. I didn't get too many pictures because we had to take all four poodles for their Spring hair cuts. They go about every 3 months unless it gets really hot and they have got long already. Then we will squeeze in another cut. It's expensive for us, especially now as we get less money as we get older. 200 dollars for 4 poodles.
 photo before_zpskm2wuz5q.jpg

 photo after_zpstlvli42p.jpg

I had to have the heating pads and their blankets ready when they got home.
Today we had a few birds come in. They came in the sunshine. We were busy so I missed most of them but snapped a few.
The little Tuffted Titmouse is just so cute.
 photo 103_0607jk_zpsrynakfvl.jpg
I just love those big eyes
 photo 103_0606k_zpsi0lm9t0x.jpg
Also that fluffy bum.
 photo 103_0608j_zpszoxo46ow.jpg
A lone Junco came by
 photo 103_0604k_zpsgjla10wk.jpg
The Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker......or Woodpecker to me, came to show off that pretty head
 photo bird_zpst1ptjwhz.jpg
The cardinal pair are still around, but this Winter, Mr has been a rare visitor while his lady comes on occasion.
 photo 103_0617k_zpsijlukfo4.jpg
 photo 103_0616k_zpsvvqjk95p.jpg
I did see some finches and also the Nuthatch but was too busy to get pictures. Yesterday a lone Starling was hanging around eating the fat. Also a bunch of Mourning Doves I hope that sometimes soon things will get more interesting around the garden.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Your puppies are so cute! I love your bird photos! They are such a treasure! Big Hugs!