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Sunday, April 2, 2017

A warm spring day..............................

This was a great weekend for working in the garden, I think today was up in the 60s, may have hit 70. I know by this afternoon I was whooped. There is so much to do at this time of year. I had asked Gerry to rake, that was the biggest chore. I did some but my body was going into spasms. He had gone and got me some mulch but had to get more today. That much is down now. So basically until planting time the back is done. I will have to clean the deck, scrub it in fact. The poodles used it as a potty all winter and even though we kept it picked up, well you can imagine. Then I need to sweep and clean the drive. Next will be cleaning the chairs and organizing. I don't like to get ornaments out until things are growing.
This is a time for writing lists, getting ideas and making things.
First of all the fish survived the Winter. They enjoyed a sunny day.You can see the black fish in this picture.
 photo 103_0865kl_zps4nynut1g.jpg
The others are doing well too. Now as long as Bessie stays away..........Boots often drinks from the pond but so far has not hurt the fish. They do have plenty of places to hide.
 photo 103_0868_zpshvpjoge5.jpg
The wood chips being down now stand out so much it does not look good. It gives me a chance though to see what I want to get this year. I am thinking shrubs that will grow and fill in areas so that there is less work for me. Hydrangea is one thought. This area on the right I am thinking of one bush behind the Boxwoods and one the other side by the swing. There are Hosta's in there that will be coming up soon so I can't do it now. I think they may do Ok there. I need something that will not mind a little shade.
 photo 103_0861_zpsawf5lb4q.jpg
Then where the swing is, I have an old fountain that does not work now, thanks Tristen. Well to avoid mosquito lava I am going to put dirt in it this year and put flowers in it. I thought a shrub in that little corner would be nice too. So I must look for something that will do well in shade. Set that by the little boy. Do you see him there?
 photo 103_0847_zpsf4wswuoq.jpg
What I am trying to do is seperate the areas in the garden from each other. Make rooms. Maybe I will put the shrub in a pot to fill that space and it would be higher.
I think I want another glass ornament, another bottle bush maybe? I don't want to overdo it. Maybe I will wait on that one. I have something that I can make a small bottle tree from (meaning small bottles. I am moving the one plough to the front yard. That leaves a gap over there that I also want to fill in with some kind of shrubbery. Thing is that becomes expensive unless I buy small things. Then they take years to mature and I am too impatient.
Another old fountain I moved to a spot on the grass. That will have flowers in it too.
 photo 103_0842_zpsampxppe0.jpg
Things are coming up, Daffodils and Tulips are breaking ground. The Day Lillies and Iris peeping out.
 photo 103_0836j_zpsckmu3wrt.jpg
 photo 103_0843kk_zpslxsltclp.jpg
Then there was this little cutie, noisy girl. She had a blast out there yelling at everyone out walking dogs or just out for a stroll. No one passed unnoticed or without comment. What a pain.
 photo 103_0835_zpsbagrsb8u.jpg
I really wanted to put gravel in between the paving stones here on the patio but think I must just use some roundup for now and do it in the Fall.
 photo 103_0862_zpsl6aeawbe.jpg
I want to thicken up the hedges for privacy but can't see that happening either. Time will tell. So there is all of that to do and then the front to start on.
The veggie patch has been extended into the flower bed. I will move the Herbs once they are up so that I can use their spot for vegetables.
 photo 103_0860_zpsj2p1q72j.jpg
Gerry would have picked up some top soil but it was frozen still so maybe next week. Meanwhile more clean up to do and designing areas. It is exciting to be able to make a start. Tomorrow I must go grocery shopping, laundry and the house so not sure much else will get done.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, do what you think is important to do now. You know what I mean? I am like you, I want to do everything, but no way! LOL! So, I try to do the things that are very important! I am so happy your fish survived!! Take everything one day at a time! So happy you got outside to clean up! Big Hugs!