This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A rainy day does not stop us...........

As I began in my Bluebell Woods blog ......on Monday we took a trip that will probably be one of the last if last years winter is anything to go by. School begins here next week. That means Tristen will be going from 8am to 11am. It will be weekends mainly from now on. So this post will be mostly about the things we saw on our trip to the beach and Crystal River.
I had to look up to find out what the hawk was that we saw before I said anything. I believe it is a Coopers Hawk.
 photo c116db6a-ef3f-441e-8f22-9ede6ce34eda_zpscfdc5d39.jpg
We saw him sitting by the side of the road and were a bit worried. He seemed OK and sat there so we got some good shots.
 photo 8a213a3a-d4d6-410a-baa0-be9510306629_zpse5e89189.jpg
This was the 2nd one we saw that day. When we were in the river we saw another one. That one too sat still for us. What a privalege.
 photo 6d5bf530-3cec-4041-901d-0459c57d5207_zpse6907ec0.jpg
Some of the pretty things we saw today.
 photo 89f769a9-e0fb-4940-a4f8-59c51b1479cf_zps249129c5.jpg
 photo ccb62595-b12c-4aef-810f-a45854ee2796_zps6d45bea8.jpg
Along the road there was a cute little yellow finch
 photo e541eb15-ff14-49e9-8e8b-8fc195fb3519_zpsb8404713.jpg
 photo bf05f4ef-7c74-4127-b10e-7a0994cf9489_zps094419bf.jpg
We saw several groups of Sandhill Cranes.
 photo d5ec5b5b-e64a-45d0-a3c8-59d4cbadd251_zps4cac76c5.jpg
 photo 82f0d1e1-da98-408e-8a54-b8e166eb04bc_zps68020046.jpg
Lovely birds, so elegant.
 photo ee7f30f4-79a5-4dc0-8eee-cf80cb823923_zpseb08b380.jpg
On the river I was able to get a few shots of Damselfly
 photo 22783af2-a796-4be7-8f31-0efb787fc4c0_zps5faa92ba.jpg
 photo bd42e51f-bde3-46d6-9d7c-fdac5c1a4248_zpsa738d67e.jpg
 photo e90692c0-b9ff-469e-8c5e-550906956d77_zps71f54b2b.jpg
I find that when I take a picture, sometimes there is a surprise waiting within.
 photo d0f55621-cecb-4866-8946-fd64315d5b60_zpsfe262801.jpg
When I looked up close
 photo a0059d1c-0288-4ab1-a7a9-5b65f8f969fd_zpsf50e7c6b.jpg
After the rain we experienced on our outset everything was left very pretty and clean.
 photo 93f6468d-4561-4460-880e-be46fb610bb9_zpsecf70d71.jpg
 photo 7f749e59-2af9-45d3-add1-e571eb94bd9f_zps07ae3581.jpg
 photo 800fc152-1c47-43fb-95dd-69ed2c7769b9_zpsbfe7fa15.jpg
Notice the two bugs on the Sweet Peas. There are Bull Rushes by the River in Cedar and other water plants that are pretty
 photo 2aa6142f-ca49-4b87-bb1e-5b1d129f218b_zpsb74cf890.jpg
 photo ffb196a8-8654-4fe0-809c-2c36fc7d41fc_zps399b7d3e.jpg
 photo 688a401b-4707-475d-aac7-5056a9669000_zps7cda16d7.jpg
 photo 511bdcf2-05bf-4b89-b531-2b1a95b6c886_zps5275ccbc.jpg
We found another heart tree..............I love it when that happens
 photo d3823c9e-388d-4d52-93a1-30710130b45d_zps7c31672b.jpg

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bugs, love them or hate them.....

Bugs.........if they do no damage they are welcome to live in my garden. Having said that, we just had to kill off a nest of nasty wasps. We only took this action after they again attacked Tristen and got a couple of the poodles. Bella was sick she almost went into shock. So, we had to destroy them.
On a happier note I go among the bees and wasps daily to get pictures. They do no harm to me. That bunch got me several times but until they got Tristen and the dogs I was not prepared to destroy them. Bees do not attack people. Wasps sometimes do. Hornets sometimes do, but usually not unless provoked.
So we try to live in peace.
 photo 5d40ec45-b0ee-4bf4-9d38-52d805502f08_zps80f7bc0b.jpg
I had never seen a wasp like this one (above) it is so pretty don't you think? Around about the same place I saw that little guy I saw this little fly.
 photo db5bd703-7be1-431c-bbb8-1914395cf5a3_zpse56607b3.jpg
I love the luminous colour of both of them. I took several pictures of bees at work. I also saw this guy or is it a girl. A wasp of sorts. I don't really know a wasp from a hornet.
 photo c40d3e7f-8ad4-4c0d-8247-f8c63e31893d_zps3fa48cb3.jpg
Well I do know these are bees
 photo ee23fd51-e807-4a1d-8af9-cb806c26bbef_zps606e3a9c.jpg
 photo 2213c4af-f5af-4991-b59b-ebd6123683ac_zpsff4365ff.jpg
I love this picture. I was fortunate to catch the bee in flight. I have wanted to get a picture like that forever.
 photo 065c79da-36fa-4a6e-847c-be05412c9c12_zps5e58dd2f.jpg
This is another of the same bees, there are many like that one. Some are a lot bigger so I am not sure if they are quite the same. I don't think they are the same as the bigger ones who have the dot on the back.
 photo 2d6b7808-6937-4feb-8d82-f5916e00a382_zpsdbd5f71b.jpg
I will have to look that up. Why have I not done that yet. I do want to know. Anyway........this guy was also in my garden. Very posh in his bright colours
 photo f5359701-ee33-4919-acc1-7a3e7de859fb_zps7b2eccd8.jpg
 photo 37d3e2bc-12ef-4215-bc5d-717d0865ab78_zps800ffc1b.jpg
So those were a few of my visitors. Boring......I want bears and big things, or at least more bunnies. Even the birds are boring. Sigh!!! and they are molting too.
Ah well here are a few flowers to end with oh and this guy, he was sitting on the fence jumping for honeysuckle berries. He went down on the drive to eat them.
 photo fc9b41ee-e1cc-49b7-a903-42d3e5ebff4c_zps1b432515.jpg
 photo 06502502-4bf4-435a-a777-1b10b6f19e73_zpsb466d066.jpg
here's the flowers
 photo ae9883fc-d505-4eeb-9e0d-e01bec604f29_zpsdd383a8f.jpg
 photo ef587cfc-5960-4d1e-85c4-8f3b71674a7a_zps08f1afa6.jpg
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Day in the Woods........Old Mission.............

Today I took some pictures in the woods. I thought you might like to see some of them. I love the woods, I love the trees and look what we found.
 photo 7764c281-5bbe-413f-a2f3-a88038c850d1_zpsd2e1f760.jpg
I love to feel the bark on the rough trees, yes I am a tree hugger. Really, I am. I love to put my hands on and feel the life of them. Is that silly? Well today we have been teaching the kids about trees. Today was recognizing an Oak tree. Thats the one with acorns (fairy hats) so now they know Beech, Maple, Birch and Oak. Tomorrow we stick the leaves on a craft board.
The bark on trees make me think of Elephant legs.
 photo cb381f66-24b0-463f-8c5a-99847f28ba4e_zps19ff916f.jpg
I love to take pictures of the Lichen and things that grow on trees. I love that the tree is still useful even when dead. The woodpeckers must be abundant in those woods because there sure was a lot of trees with holes in them.
What do you see up that hole Tristen? spiders he says.
 photo 0ff7f9bb-3538-4309-889e-a770fb29fc25_zps5c538d69.jpg
Do you see the tiny frog?
 photo e936e6f8-2699-49e7-9cb3-654f6f25f737_zps67ea8901.jpg
Its a wonder he was not trod on the way the kids were running back and forth. We did see several though, tiny little things.
These are fairy steps says Reina
 photo f647d254-0247-4979-a544-842256aafe19_zpse4501367.jpg
Funny thing was we didn't see the wildlife that we usually see. No squirrels or chipmunks nothing but the tiny toads. Back to my garden tomorrow. Thought we deserved a break but I have some pictures of pretty little bees and bugs for another day.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello I am a baby Blue Jay......

This guy was quite amusing. He didn't know enough to be afraid. He was loving the wetness after the sprinkler had been on. Had to show the first picture just to show his fuzzy bum.
 photo 134f55ba-9adb-4781-b893-dc9618c1f1e6_zpsc57ef5ad.jpg
Then he came down onto the path and stared at me,
 photo b96a4a42-3539-4434-b7d6-3f4556c19541_zpsa6e3b630.jpg
His feet look too big for him,
 photo fac4bbbe-4771-4721-8c72-c32a88754897_zpsd8cfc8d2.jpg
He just watched me unconcerned,
 photo aede180a-0769-4699-a13e-b8ba8c8d2c1e_zps2f19d5d9.jpg
This may have been a parent, if so then he needed to get his kid in line it should have been scared of me.
 photo bcb66caf-fd0e-470a-b61c-3867b3477956_zps736bd15e.jpg
So he took a sip from the path
 photo 1bf4464b-b7d8-498f-a0fd-f9baeeddbfe3_zps15ad4bf7.jpg
In any case it was a sweet encounter, the bird was puzzled and I was thrilled for the privilege of watching him up so close. No zoom needed here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

For the Birds...............

The birds around here are looking pretty scraggly, this time I know that they are molting. When we were out walking the other day the kids were collecting feathers so they must drop them all over the place. Anyway, a few back yard visitors for you.
 photo 737a29a3-427a-4a1c-ad1c-51e3619a37a8_zpsd8af57c6.jpg
The Blue Jays have their babies with them all over the place
 photo 61fa6645-0a6b-457b-b94d-37832566e0a4_zps114b4dfb.jpg
 photo ccee8f38-aee5-4e99-aeaf-dc01f2b571ba_zps37287c92.jpg
It has been a hot few days. The birds looked stressed.
 photo 789f1f9d-f39c-4487-8538-1e5ce8a654dc_zps6421353a.jpg
He felt better after a soak. I put the sprinklers on for the birds as well as the flowers.
 photo 1c858206-fc76-4fea-a250-11bd6fbcd69e_zps9407e385.jpg
I have no idea what this guy is doing but he felt better too once I put the sprinkler on.
 photo bf83f6a9-a36a-4038-b955-372fbe79813f_zpsca0a9e99.jpg
 photo 2c018d13-700b-420e-994c-d558a30a821f_zps042d3553.jpg
The little birds seem to handle it just fine.
 photo 28f6c4c8-5dd3-4dff-b27a-fed182510328_zps6cb60369.jpg
 photo 9921eeeb-af1a-4add-8e40-6e730afd133b_zpsd1283e4c.jpg
They were chattering and nattering and flocking around back and forth all day. I put the sprinklers out front and they went around the front. They love to hang out in the wet trees and bushes.
The cardinals are around all the time
 photo ff46d3ba-5df1-4468-b662-3226f410ee5b_zps6e79c956.jpg
Nothing exotic here but I do love my birds.
I will show you some flowers from the last couple of days. I just love when I can get a shot like this one and then zoom in on it
 photo c6ca9de6-efc2-40ae-84f4-d77373abb247_zps9cfef1bb.jpg
 photo 30641eed-7fd3-4daf-b6f4-927b012119e0_zpsd471dd31.jpg

 photo e8c5ebc2-0270-4d29-8b5b-3a58578a8cdd_zps474d9828.jpg
 photo 3985ecd9-f5d8-4279-8a6d-5b44a8ea54d8_zps7e8a0a5f.jpg
You can see how that progresses. Well it was a good shot I thought so I did some close ups.
 photo 76fee34c-0ac4-4e3c-ad67-244a2b954dbe_zpsb9c4ed0e.jpg
The daisies are still doing well.
 photo f476b00c-455f-47c4-82b2-79b0fe534cfa_zps14c2ff14.jpg
While I was out the other day, we got some plants for the graves. I actually found some bright red Bee Balm. Remember I saw some up at the school. Well I found some, I had to buy it and I got it in the garden today. Pictures another day. So this is my garden for now...........rather boring really I will have to be a bit more adventurous with my garden posts. I don't have time to think lately.
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