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Monday, June 16, 2014

Wildflowers of Glen Arbor................

Sunday was Fathers day, Reina and Laura came over and we all went for a drive. We can never decide where to go, we have favourie places. We headed out to the sand dunes. I was hotter than we thought it would be. Our first stop was at Wildflowers in Glen Arbor. Wildflowers is a garden center and gift shop and so much more. We saw that this year they have expanded. They have another building close by.
Wildflowers is unique. I love to stroll through their woodland garden and check out the pond. They have lovely garden ornaments. They make up baskets and pots of flowers. Too expensive for me. I always find something though. I did take pictures but I am on a different computer so have to use some from their web site. Thats OK because I can show inside the store.
 photo 8e423211-3382-4fb2-9e15-c3e7d177182b_zps559aed5d.jpg
The area around Glen Arbor is full of art galleries and stores that carry merchandise made by local crafts people. Wildflowers has its share. Inside the store you can buy fashion accessories, some clothing that is rather unique to them. Not your usual things. They have Christmas things as well as things for the house or garden.
 photo 85d4928b-dd44-437b-b62d-6fbdca058d54_zpsa7b9f30c.jpg
It is the garden that holds special appeal to me. I always find unique things and seldom walk out empty handed.
 photo 1cc31483-a8ba-4e94-bdfd-665245c5d62f_zps2d73ac43.jpg
Wildflowers also have plants that you can see in the woods but can not gather. Like Trillium. It is illegal to pick it even though the woods are full of it in he Springtime. I think I have also seen Jack in the Pulpit for sale.
 photo 8e977c74-983f-44ee-a9c1-15e6700e53bf_zpsae38e48c.jpg
 photo b09bf428-8614-4476-8d0f-08babc21939a_zps0e525368.jpg
What I like most I suppose is wandering around the gardens and wishing they were mine. I could live in the house, its a wonderful house (converted to store)
 photo 52786daf-7b58-4943-8b16-44956197db74_zps8486d767.jpg
The pond used to have fish in it, I didn't hang around too much to check yesterday because of the mosquito's
 photo 0a727429-0869-42d9-9551-efbba93c9438_zps68769bff.jpg
Well that was just the beginning of the afternoon out but I just wanted to show everyone one of the lovely places we have here in Northern Michigan. Wildflowers has a Facebook page and website.


Anonymous said...

this is not too far from me! I know this place!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a gorgeous spot! I would love to go here! Thanks so much for sharing this Janice ;o)