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Friday, June 20, 2014

In the garden....................

All winter, all 7 months of it, I waited.....and waited. Now that I can finally get outside the window of opportunity was small. The mosquito's this year are just terrible. I hate to use sprays on my skin. Those chemicals are absorbed into your body and I prefer to not do that. So, being outside is not as pleasant as it could be. Meanwhile I am taking pictures of some of the flowers. I did do some rearranging too.
First of all I must show you this.......does she look as though she is up to something. I did ask but she just stuck her tongue out at me
 photo 51b2f65f-e3b5-4be5-9228-e1a9b66f77b0_zps3a2b9a98.jpg
In the back garden we had some very big evergreens next to the deck. They have been there for many years. Because the poodles use the deck to potty when the snow is too deep, it gets thrown over onto them. In Spring they bounce back from the huge snow drift and I spray them down to get the dead leaves and what nots off of them. Well this year they looked particularly horrible so I trimmed them back. I put in a bird bath and wood chips. Now it looks nice. Even the rose bush that got lost in the bushes can now bloom happily this year.
 photo 6b9d2aeb-3ec1-4db6-822a-bbe4975120f8_zpscebb11bd.jpg
Cutting back the evergreens has allowed the bushes in front move themselves into the space and bloom even better.
 photo 10587fee-121a-457a-9f76-05f1c6228f14_zpse27760ba.jpg
Eventually I think the space will fill if I don't trim back the other shrubs. I like this new area and so does Tristen. We have the wire fence so that the poodles do not go under the deck. We have creatures that like it under there. Like the skunk who often visits the bird feeder. I think I will try to move more of the dead parts out soon and make the area that the rose is in more accessable. That thing is very thorny and is the most horrible rose in that respect. On the other hand it blooms without fail year after year. It was a long ago Mothers day gift. Its pretty and reliable, you just do not want to have to touch it.
I put wood chips in there so I can rake it as the bird seed that falls there sprout. I love the flowering shrubs
 photo e9ea9106-35f7-49e9-bdaf-9f74d386d7c0_zps5a53d289.jpg
Some of my Iris have bloomed. I bought this one last year because of its leaves, they are striped. After the visit to the Iris farm I am thinking I may get a few different colours. I might just buy from a catalogue in the Fall.
 photo 20b3b94f-9767-4ca7-ac1a-9c491f8077a9_zps29037670.jpg
 photo ddaaf07f-c1cf-41f1-aad0-84bdf4257c6b_zps5060f15c.jpg
 photo 132f7c23-8845-4924-a76c-e5c91a491c6a_zps2be0a4eb.jpg
I just love the Dutch Iris, not sure if they are all called that or if its just a common term used for that group.??????
 photo 95d18688-c183-4887-aa4c-939cf9f5a26d_zpsd4456ed5.jpg
 photo 79288c11-14b0-4fcd-a1a7-ad0450350914_zps99ca3e67.jpg
This one is darker,
 photo 3e887897-e4d7-4fb3-84ea-8137d9e9fbb9_zps180f04cf.jpg
I have planted some berries. A mistake I think but nowhere to move them to. The bush is getting bigger all the time. I didnt think it through. It likes its spot so will stay for now. Somehow I also have one out front. I have no idea where that one came from.
 photo c534976d-ac3e-44f7-bca1-974a646d9acd_zps4b769a84.jpg
Other things I grow that are edible are Chives. Well I like those for the flowers more than anything else.
 photo 2b00cdb7-cf68-4d6f-8d5a-e13b0b3c8a8d_zps7f114883.jpg
I also have some garlic chives because I loved their flowers. I put those in a pot but they do not look as though they will bloom so not sure I did right by them. The flowering shrubs seem to be the most faithful of bloomers in my garden. I have this one to cover the air conditioner along with a Quince on the other side. The snowballs do very well on the side of the house, just to give Bud the neighbour something to look at.
 photo c07d3704-8b7d-423f-a773-4c268725b195_zps6f1d66be.jpg
The Azalia does very well too although it is still small, all of them are still small. When I have success then I stick with what likes it here.
 photo a86a9302-2ef5-4316-bdb3-fd1737b93ff1_zps3a34ff48.jpg
I like this pretty little thing but it really struggles each year.
 photo b2ab5eaa-4fb4-46c8-962a-75b819359ba4_zps81e3e6ed.jpg
Some of my roses are in bud. Maybe soon I can show some off, my roses are never much though. I must figure out what they like more than where they are now......Fussy things and they get black spot.

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Magic Love Crow said...

You have such a luscious garden! It's so beautiful! I love it ;o) Cutting back your evergreens were meant to be ;o) Everything else is doing excellent ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Maria said...

Beautiful! I am new to gardening so I will be a regular at your site looking for tips and inspiration!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog earlier:)