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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Buffs........................

A week or so ago I took pictures of the Buffalo. Well on our way to the thrift shop we noticed there were new babies. On our way back we stopped and I took some pictures. We also took the side road to see if we could find more. These are my pictures.
 photo ba31e198-ce1a-470c-96cd-5659ead5d3e3_zpsfac61141.jpg
 photo 8b2cd749-697a-4441-ab63-a0fd7952f4c0_zpsb0ca870e.jpg
They are so cute. I sure hope that they have a nice life. They have a wonderful field, fields to roam.
 photo b3a917f8-6ea5-45f9-b12a-01507aa16aab_zpsdf6484b9.jpg
 photo 6fd2decd-35dd-4e08-8080-8b12d32897d4_zpscf054bef.jpg
These little guys will grow up in the Oleson's herd. Some will end up as meat no doubt but at least before that happens they will have some great pastures and great food. There is always huge fresh bales of hay in the fields. There are still quite a few fields as well.
 photo 96664ee3-7707-4d55-9267-c3e815240a97_zps0c683783.jpg
I have not quite worked out who is kept where. This is a huge field that goes way over onto the side road we went on. Are they all cows? I don't quite know. The farm itself has a few close by in seperate fields so maybe those are the boys? Or destined for other things. I will have to try to find out. I will add some links to Oleson's farms
 photo 71b46c6b-bda1-4556-b423-3b66742eda81_zps61d5fc3d.jpg
Oleson's Buffalo Farm Us old timers remember old Mr Oleson. He always worked in his store right up to the end of his life. He said hello to everyone who came in and always a smile. A local charactor, a very nice man who dedicated so much to this community. Still does even now through the NMC BBQ and many other donations and support for local causes.
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

I used to see Buffalo on a farm in Massachusetts when our daughter went to school there. They were quite far away (or my camera skill was not as good)so I never got photos are close-up as these! Thanks for sharing them.

Terri Henkels said...

Enjoyed your photos! They are so cute!!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the pictures ;o) Those babies are so cute ;o)