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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fairy Garden....................

This was Tristens weekend at Auntie Laura's. My daughter Laura had to work so Reina spent the day with us. What to do. I decided she would be bored with out Tristen so had to come up with something. I wanted to work in the garden because the weather was perfect for it.
SO we went off to Four Seasons Nursery. We saw this guy just down the road.
 photo 8b01b557-5a08-4414-958a-8540aaba6e10_zps862eb160.jpg
We want to make a Fairy garden so I knew they had the fairy stuff there. Boy was it expensive. Anyway they have a little garden set up as you go in. It has a pond.
 photo 6b3a1519-7960-400e-8ced-4cbef05a540d_zpsb651d24b.jpg
 photo 899c1d82-91eb-471a-a8bb-08e73251228e_zpse06f54dc.jpg
There are frogs and taddies in the pond.
 photo bd2ef07a-5bb0-49d4-9506-6474cf4b519d_zps5f51956d.jpg
And fish
 photo 0873f3d9-d451-4f37-bf17-1f5f7e1f43d4_zpsc50521dd.jpg
I wish I could grow Lupines like this
 photo 19b77e19-0888-4e4f-8021-024d8e0afcf6_zpsb26f56bd.jpg
I also want some of these. Alum? is it?
 photo 492c335e-870e-4dde-80b5-3e40220b4c85_zpse4b5d3ac.jpg
This is the entrance........there are just so many greenhouses in this place. I mean they have a different greenhouse for every catagory, Perenials and annuals. They sell Native plants too.

 photo 9df87d51-8f19-44e5-87a9-0765239e5b8d_zpsd83b2091.jpg
Anyway we got a few things to make the fairy garden. I got a little house, a birdbath, some mushrooms and two fairies. The plants were tiny things and two ivy plants. I can not believe it came to 118 dollars. I bought two plants at 9.99 each apart from the fairy stuff.
 photo f4be2f4d-8939-4936-b22e-b0d05d40e1b1_zpsca428556.jpg
Reina has a good time, she was very helpful. She swept the drive and she planted some plants.
 photo 9f1aa8f2-7fee-4648-aae1-61ea056202db_zps540cc3ec.jpg
I can see we have to look for more fairy things but that was all for now.

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely adventure to share with a beautiful young girl, it looks great, lots of fun,

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What fun - love the fairy stuff.

I think the word you want is Alium - as Alum is a bitter substance that makes your mouth pucker (it is used in making dill pickles, just don't taste it plain) LOL

Lupines just like those grow wild in majestic swaths all along the roads, hillsides and meadows here - they are in full bloom right now. I've seen blue, purple, pink and almost white ones.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a special day ;o) The place looks gorgeous ;o) That fairy garden is going to be special! 118.00? Wow! Something to be treasured! Hugs ;o)