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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June is busting out all over..............

Finally some colour in the garden. I got most of the clean up done. Still much more to do but now I can take my time. The wind has now blown all the blossoms away. It also blew all the little "helicopters" off the Maple trees. They are a mess. A nasty mess. Well the deck is finished now, this week I hope Gerry will work on the doors. Any rate the poodles are enjoying the deck for now.
 photo 4e9d80f5-f16e-42b3-8ed7-b02ffb442bb1_zps0ff385e1.jpg
 photo 57d0e8f9-b213-4710-b8c3-20aa5a1ef16a_zps2db4cf4f.jpg
The birds too.
 photo 5593be55-5a5d-4191-b3e2-d73857166564_zpsdeebd026.jpg
But we are more interested in the flowers for now. One surprised me and came back. That means I can invest in more for that space. When a plant does not thrive I don't buy it again unless I want to try it in a different spot. This one is doing well.
Now if I could remember what it's called
 photo 3040d845-8994-42d3-be2c-e81555275ac6_zps26d2e8e3.jpg
The Spirea has Lilly of the Valley growing under it. The lilly is very invasive and I have to keep it tight under control.
 photo 98239951-6193-431f-88a5-e96984d4c817_zpsbf133275.jpg
I also have Honeysuckle growing in the bushes of Spirea. This year I bought a different Geranium. I usually get pink but thought I would be different.
 photo 91f89cc9-a899-4b68-bd3b-1c6dd587e0e5_zps6994a5ec.jpg
The Granny Bonnets are doing well.
 photo ba60715e-e96a-421f-b9fd-c76ed2b4420c_zpsf85dbeea.jpg
I love the Candytuft. It spreads and comes up faithfully year after year. Its doing so well in the barrel.
 photo 83326143-7f29-4141-8fe0-9c0cd60da896_zpsb89d1e81.jpg
One mans weed is another mans flower
 photo 637bcc4a-5c18-4cb9-ada9-3c45a9f501bc_zps0f336c6a.jpg
I have more pictures but will save them, this post is getting long and I don't want to bore anyone. I will have a few left for another day
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Magic Love Crow said...

Great photos Janice ;o) I am the same way, if I buy something and it doesn't come back, I don't buy it again! I think mom's rose bushes I bought her this year for mother's day are dead! Darn it! I won't buy roses again! Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Gorgeous photos! All of your flowers looks very healthy and colorful!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, you have a green thumb for sure,