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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot July.........

July in the garden, its been so hot, so humid that I have not been working outside at all. That means that weeds came from nowhere. I really only have one or two varieties of weeds that I do not allow. One is those little ones that spread so quickly and look like shamrock or something with little yellow flowers. I have no idea what they are. Well its time to get out there and pull them. I have had sprinklers on every day and as we did get a shower last night I gave that a break today.
Yesterday I got a few pictures that I will share now. A few shy pansies hiding under some other stuff caught my eye.
I made some collages of the rest.


The daisies are looking good.

So many pretty flowers..........this year things are filling in and certainly looking better than other years. I tend to loose interest at this time of year and let things go.
I don't really have too many Fall flowers. One of these days I will have to think about that.
For now, I enjoy having a look in the evening or morning before it gets too hot.

The front path..............

The daisies by the garden archway.


CraveCute said...

Your yard and flowers are beautiful! Great photos! We have been hot and humid here also. Keeping the weeds out can be such a challenge!

My Little Home and Garden said...

Your flowers are so lovely!

laurajane said...

Your garden looks lovely,like a beautiful flowering meadow.
Laura x

Jamie Keifer said...

Indeed, flowers are very pleasing to look at. I enjoyed staring at my blooms from time to time. It gives you that refreshing feel and uplifts your mood. Your garden looks terrific by the way and your flowers are stunning! I particularly love the daisies. They look really cute and perfect!