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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Common Beauty.......


The above is just a small part of the seeds from a Parsley plant in my garden. I edited it down to one small part of the original. Its so beautiful. Photography and art allows us to view things from a different perspective. I love that about it.
This small Sunflower grew from a seed that a bird dropped. It is an unexpected beauty.


When you look close at larger flowers you see the smaller flowers within.


The blossoms of fruit are beautiful close up.

Close up of the fruit is also beautiful in its own right

Then there is an opening rose bud in my garden. Its yellow with pink blush, so pretty with rain on its petals.

...and a close up of those rain drops......beautiful isn't it.

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Hitchhiker42 said...

I was quite surprised to see the nettles flowering in my garden. The flower parts are very small, it almost looks like the plant is dusty, but on closer inspection, there are hundreds of super-small blossoms. Amazing.