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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue Jay family.............


So how do I know the male from the female Blue Jay? Hmmmmm. Well this is the little family that nested under my kitchen window. They better be grateful that I kept the cat at Bay because its been hunting Chipmunks. I hate that about domestic cats. They are not hungry but they love to hunt. She was an inside cat but now insists on being outside. All cat lovers will know that once a cat decides something the human is not likely to change its mind.
Anyway............the Blue Jay family far.

Back off Brother

The Blue Jay is a beautiful bird. Noisy, quarrelsome and rather a coward. Well, lets see......they fly off at the slightest move on my part but a Chickadee for example will stay and stare me down.

So what's for lunch?


Hey, Try that one down there


What did I do....why isn't you speaking to me. Yes I ate it how could you tell, but there's plenty more honest.

I think we have a mum and dad and one baby..........but I am not sure. I have seen these 3 together but as they all look alike its hard to say if there are more. They make enough noise for a whole tribe.


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