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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Bunns........

Look who came to visit last evening. What a big bunny. Must be a boy? Do you think?


Seems a girl bunny would be a little more delicate. Maybe not............anyway this was a big bunny and I was so glad to see that he is still around.


The wildlife may eat plants, may chomp on trees but ya know what? I don't care. If that's what they need to stay healthy then I am more than willing to replace what they eat. The privilege
of having them visit is worth it for me. Especially for deer, who have come in the past but I have never seen so far. Oh what I would give for that to happen. A couple of years ago a doe and fawn were in our gardens, Bud next door saw them. Phil next door but one saw them too and put up a deer crossing sign haha. Not fair. I didn't get to see them but they ate my Hosta's. Could at least have posed for me.
We have also had bear in the area. I mean two streets down. Was not lucky enough to see him either.


I suppose it might be a bit of a shock to go outside and see this sitting on the back lawn or at the bird feeder but hey............I would love it. This picture taken a couple of blocks over.


Hitchhiker42 said...

Wow, that's a big bear. I hope the person in the top right corner of the photo is a scarecrow? It kind of looks like a green gloved hand and a leg wearing blue jeans there. Phew. I just became a card carrying member of NIMBY, (the Not In My Back Yard club).

CraveCute said...

These photos are wonderful! I feel the same about the wildlife that visit my backyard. I love seeing them no matter what, after all, they were there first! ~Diane