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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Wheel Barrow sleeps........


My poor wheel barrow is sleeping, guarding over my fish pond. The pond lies under chicken wire and I am hoping that the two fish that live there will survive the winter. They should do because we have not had a big freeze yet. Not to say that we won't but they did survive last year OK.
The weather has been mild enough that I am really hoping that it continues. If it does then maybe we can get a handle on things and make an early start with Spring clean up. That is my hope anyway. Meanwhile the squirrels are eating as much as they can and visit daily.


Anyway, there is not much else to talk about until we can get outside again. This coming Spring as soon as I can I want to get out walking in the woods and on the beaches again. Maybe then I can get some pictures worth posting here. We really do need the snow but I must say I am grateful for the reprieve non the less. The weather will do what it will but I can not say that I have not been grateful for this mild one because I am........wooooo hoooooo ............ah but not to celebrate too quickly March is sometimes our most bitter month.


Anonymous said...

Well, I thought that squirrels hibernated in the winter - that's why they store up nuts in the fall.

Well, ours in England keep going all year round as well so maybe the winters are not as harsh for as long anymore. Love your birds too

Liz said...

Well, I am not 'Anonymous' - why don't these things do as you tell them! It's me, Liz!!!