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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cat's Out.................


Boots is an inside cat. She has decided that she is not any more. Once she decided there was no keeping her inside. I am the boss. I have decided to go along with it for now. She thinks she is so cool and so in charge, she is not.She has been de-clawed up front so I was at first concerned about her. Then I found that she was hanging around the house and not really getting into too much mischief. She sits below the deck watching the birds. From there there's not a lot she can accomplish. She would need to jump up through the shrubbery and she's too clumsy for that, grace is not her forte.


She loves to watch the birds. One reason I took her in was because the neighbours were plotting her demise because of the birds. She hunted the Cardinals. Well they have thrived since she has lived with us and so if I see any sign that she is not living up to her side of the bargain she will be kept inside one way or other. Meanwhile I let her think she has the upper hand.


Today Boots went out on the deck, snuck out she thought when the poodles went out. Well there was a squirrel at the feeder who totally ignored her. It could probably have beat her up in any case. She has got the nerve to actually ask to come in by sitting on the door step when she knows she is not even supposed to be out there. We will see what happens come Springtime and the weather is warmer.


Meanwhile she thinks life is good and she has the best of both worlds. Hmmm We shall see. We shall see.

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Jane said...

Hi Janice thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments . What a beautiful blog you have here - your photos are stunning. Boots is great she would find our cat Billy a real character . He has the freedom of the outside but he does love being indoors too.
Jane x