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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Update on Veggies.........

I put in a vegetable garden this year. Yes I did. Its doing OK. Maybe better than I expected. The tomato are doing OK they have little baby tommies on them. The smallest plant has cherry tomatoes and they had a few ripe ones today. We ate them.
 photo 103_4881_zpsfvcekbuc.jpg
I am not sure we will get a bumper crop that I can can (haha can can) but we will maybe have some to eat. I will try to do up the extras if there are enough. I remember canning tomatoes years ago and they made the very best chili.
 photo 103_4880_zpsi08fgpve.jpg
When I had a garden before it was when we lived in the country and had a large one. This one is small and I was not at all sure what I could plant.
 photo 103_4882_zpsqio6ghya.jpg
 photo 103_4845f_zpsrqd0oahp.jpg
So this year is just an experiment really, I needed to see if there was enough light. I think there is but next year what I need to do is plan it better. The tomatoes got so big they are crowded. I put in one cucumber but its too far over it needs to be in better light. These are those Italian Roma tomatoes.
 photo a_zps0kgleuxi.jpg
 photo 103_4884_zps8mk0nzis.jpg
It remains to be seen if the zucchini will do any good. There are a lot of flowers again, I am not sure there is enough sun but I can move that tub now to the driveway where there is a lot more sun. All these things next year.
Meanwhile the zucchini has a lot of flowers
 photo 103_4839_zpsm3dmpwan.jpg
The herbs are doing well enough but again need more space.This is the Dill, it got quite big and will come back up next year I think.
 photo 103_4849_zpsafxxbcle.jpg
I let a few sunflowers grow to see how they would do.They will be for the birds
 photo 103_4844h_zpsig3qourm.jpg
I can expand my garden by using tubs next year. I moved the sand box that gave me a whole new area to use. It's concrete but I can change that with tubs or even a raised bed. I will not do anything else this year but watch and plan for next year.
The Radish were a waste of time, with it being a late start I didnt thin them out in time. Thats OK. I also planted two green beans that wont do anything, they were Tristens from school. I think I planted the peppers in the wrong spot and it would be hard to change that now but I may do next week if I can find a good spot. They have flowers but thats all.
 photo 103_4925h_zpsgz11xgbb.jpg
Tristens little beans
 photo 103_4924_zpsejpld7jl.jpg
Some things had flowers when they went to seed. The Parsley is very pretty.
 photo 103_4712h_zpse3rhjihl.jpg
So to sum it up. Next year I will space the tomatoes out in a line. I will put the squash in the tub again but in a more sunny spot, it was fine in the Spring before the leaves came in. Then the cucumber in another one that I have that is the same size. They can go the other side of the fence. Plenty of room. I did put in some spinach, I need to harvest that before it gets tough. I had Kale in a pot and that did well but I didn't use it. So, what can I plant that I didn't? I really dont use a lot of things when they are ready, I must get better at that. Next week I will be proactive and see whats ready to use. I think I will get some Rhubarb and plant that in a space I have the other side of the fence. I can maybe do that still this year if I buy a biggish plant. We shall see when I get back. Going to Jasons this weekend.
Because it was late with the weather and getting the garden dug, I didn't do peas or beans and I will do that next year. I have room by the deck for some narrow boxes that I can do raised beds just for those things. I have windows that I am saving to use for early things that may get frost damage. So, all in all I think I have a plan for next year.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Remember with Rhubarb, it gets big! It will reseed it's self! It likes acidic soil and part sun and shade. You have done so much this year Janice! Wow! I know with the heat waves we've been getting, I have cut a lot of my garden back. Our water bills are high! You should pat yourself on the back! Well done! Big Hugs!