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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A guest this morning.......................

Look who showed up this morning. He was sitting on Bud's lawn. I just know Bud will not like that at all but doubt he saw him. It's a wonder this bunny has not been in my garden. So far I have not seen any damage.
 photo 103_4840k_zpslvgw7pi5.jpg
That is one big bunny.
The bees have been very busy. They love the Bee Balm. I love watching them, they don't squabble among themselves as far as can tell, all sizes and many different Bees all bustle around together. They ignore me. I feel comfortable around them and they are not angry at my observation. Now wasps are a different matter. Some are fine but those big buggers are not at all, they will chase me away.
 photo 103_5076j_zpsddopjaoc.jpg
 photo 103_5092h_zpso8lcisjh.jpg
 photo 103_5110h_zpsb0xgtsfb.jpg
It takes a bit of patience to capture a picture of a bee that is not blurry.
 photo 103_4847h_zpsppattey3.jpg
 photo 103_4859j_zpsvkigz6ow.jpg
 photo 103_4860h_zps80ddpgjv.jpg
These bees must have good breath because they are working on mint. Then there was this little ant and I have no idea what he was up to.
 photo 103_5065h_zpsmnmgo6u3.jpg
This guy I stayed away from just in case he got pissed off. He was enjoying a drink off of a leaf.
 photo 103_5003h_zpssifgtila.jpg
This little guy also wanted a drink. I think he was thinking about a bath.
 photo 103_4971h_zps9qaceyoe.jpg
 photo 103_4975k_zps3gxrssoz.jpg
I think he gave up on that because he knew I was watching but the other day one of the Chickadees got right in. I have several of these little dishes around the garden for the birds and bees and make sure they have something in them all the time. These hot days especially. I also have saucers on stands that I made last year and those make it easier for the bees, wasps and flies. All creatures have a purpose.
 photo 103_4953k_zpseiczm6pa.jpg
 photo DSCN6975k_zpsgsvz2yg7.jpg
Well as I walk around the garden each day I see so much work to be done. I remember this time every year I am frustrated that it's too hot to work. The work piles up and if anything like last year it eventually gets left till Spring. I really don't want to do that.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous photos Janice! I love bees too! They buzz around me, when I'm gardening too. But, like you, yellow jackets and wasps, I stay far away! That bunny is too cute! I'm keeping the water full around here too! Like you said, it's just too hot! Don't get down on yourself about the gardening! Do what you can! You have done a lot this year! Hugs!