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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Got some flowers for ya......................

Well its coming into the dried out season, the Bea Balm has been very active with all the bees buzzing around.Some of the flowers planted last year have done well this year and probably will do better next year. I now remember why I don't work in the garden after the Spring clean up. It's been too bloody hot or humid. One or other.
Pansies in my porch planter are not happy. Not the best place for them.
 photo DSCN7161h_zpsdytxrs6e.jpg
Bees are very happy in my front garden. I will have to tidy it up if we get some nice Fall weather
 photo 103_4853h_zpsybkyluyt.jpg
 photo DSCN7156j_zpslf8lgf3k.jpg
It's time for daisies, but some have not shown up yet.
 photo DSCN7100h_zpsgunztg76.jpg
 photo DSCN7138g_zpsc3lbryzt.jpg
 photo DSCN7132g_zpswpfy2cyv.jpg
 photo DSCN7130a_zpsm8kihghe.jpg
The Day lilies seem to pace themselves, blooming at different times.
 photo DSCN7133h_zpsxndw6ibs.jpg
Tiger Lily
 photo DSCN7121j_zpstnkdthpk.jpg
More Day lilies
 photo DSCN7103j_zpsf0oijwuz.jpg
 photo DSCN7098k_zpsobhcksvi.jpg
 photo DSCN7101_zpsqdsckk4p.jpg
 photo 103_4941j_zpsm2ytcs8o.jpg
I think I need some pale yellows, I saw a pretty lime sort of flower. I do have some pretty ones though and I will need to separate some out from among other things. I need to get rid of some of the ferns, they take over. Maybe I can find a better spot for them. I will need something under the pine next Spring.
I will also plant Sunflowers, I love them.
 photo 103_4942_zpsxfoxrxlq.jpg
I think I will put some along Bud's fence hehe
The Butterfly bush is blooming. Its a few years old now, each year there are a few more blooms but it's not too impressive.
 photo DSCN7145_crj_zps1qhg1eww.jpg
 photo DSCN7143j_zpsh1l1lv20.jpg
I have been much happier with the roses this year. Having a bit more light has done wonders and next year they will have more after I trim the end pine tree.
 photo DSCN7136h_zpsar36bxpw.jpg
I do still have one to move this Fall. I think the little garden with the stones where the other two live will work. They did so well in there. I may get another pale pink knockout rose. It is so pretty but I don't want to move the one I have its established even if it doesn't grow much more. So in the hope of cooler days to come I will get through this weeks 90 degree crap that is forecasted. Ugh................Stay cool.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Yes stay cool! I don't remember a summer so hot and so dry! It has been crazy! Your pictures are so pretty! Looks like all the plants are very happy!