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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Working on the back gardens ............................

I finished the front, all the heavy work that is. I have more to do naturally but it can wait. I planted some strawberries today. Lets see how that goes. At the moment the ones I put in before have spread into the grass so do not get a chance to bear fruit. So, now we will try again and see if these take.
 photo 103_4204_zpssldzbrk2.jpg
So moving on for now.My garden in the back, as in the front, is divided into smaller gardens. The very back is my shade garden. It is mainly Hostas. There were lilly of the valley growing in there. I had to dig those all out . It is looking pretty good now it's all cleaned up. Next I will have to pull out all the little tree saplings spread all over the wood chips. That will be a pain in the butt for sure. litteraly.
 photo 103_4189k_zpsjbo1djoe.jpg
The rest of the shade area needs next to no maintenance as its mainly ivy or other shade plants that spread. The Hosta are all in planters no weeding required, just as well as the wood chips harbor all those Maple things.
 photo 103_4192_zpsionrgqcd.jpg
The Hosta in the big tub really needs seperating soon. I say that every year. There are Poodle paths all around my garden, little secret trails just for them.
 photo 103_4191_zps0f5wdrjj.jpg
The dead tree in the very back, I have plans for that. I want to paint a fairy house on it somehow.
 photo 103_4190_zpsbwem8js3.jpg
The Begonias I put in hanging baskets and planters just for a little colour.
 photo 103_4187h_zps5w29ejsb.jpg
My little ladder has a box on top and I put some Begonia's in that.
 photo 103_4198h_zpsd4ldjuju.jpg
The thing is, the Hosta in planters come up and out long before that in the ground do.
 photo 103_4193_zpsqwob53ru.jpg
I have much to do. This area though is good for now. Except pulling those seedlings out. If I could get more mulch I would just cover them up. Cant do that this year. Tomorrow I will start on the side garden while it is in the shade.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! I have been doing the same for the past 3 days. Really looks good Janice!!!