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Sunday, May 8, 2016


I spent today working around the pine trees. I got the fence up but it's not really in place properly at the moment. A couple of stakes are too big and it's not straight. I can at least see what it will be like and it will be nice. I moved the arch that I had on the front path to between the fences. I continued the fence on the other side of the little path into the garden.
This is how it was.
 photo 103_4136_zpswzabtkzo.jpg
This is how it will be when I get all the kinks fixed
 photo 103_4391_zpsb2zgueio.jpg
 photo 103_4392_zpsjkwoqtyk.jpg
Maybe tomorrow I will try to fix those things, I need to find the proper spikes and also get a few more sections. I need more mulch to finish off the section near the house. The following jobs will be taking out some of the plants in the bigger garden and pot some up to keep as fillers.
Gerry took two days to get the stumps out from the shrubs by the front porch. That will be my last project making that garden but at the moment I have no inspiration, no idea what I want there yet.
We had a cute little finch come visit us these last few days.
 photo 103_4352h_zpsdej6ckbx.jpg
 photo 103_4367h_zpswxqc9x2g.jpg
Bessie plays in the garden and usually shows up if I go out there. He she is hiding in a basket I put under the glass table.
 photo 103_4343h_zpslxezffod.jpg
Then over by the pond watching squirrels
 photo 103_4372_zpss9ujfnqr.jpg
The Boots watching the fish and getting a drink (or so she says)
 photo 103_4389_zpsmtyyvg8w.jpg
Bijou is enjoying the sun and looks pretty with the Violets
 photo 103_4349h_zpsh6czr0ks.jpg
While Bodi and Bella sit with daddy
 photo 103_4348_zpslcjv4n5p.jpg
Some of my wild flowers are doing well. This is Trillium
 photo 103_4382h_zpsgx7qefrf.jpg
I am potting up my Chives and other garden herbs that get through the winter months. I am keeping them all near the new garden so maybe I will actually remember to use them. I had bought seeds at the weekend but the lady didnt ring them up so were not in our stuff. to do that again and in retrospect I think I will get plants instead of seeds. I want a lot of zucchini so think I will get some starters as well as seeds so maybe I can get some to grow this year. I also want squash. I am not sure how much I can get in this small piece of garden. I have an idea that the bunnies may get a lot of it. Time will tell.
 photo 103_4390_zpszmanxamn.jpg
 photo tril_zpsd4xl0mdw.jpg
I bought a new rose and will see how that does. The ones I have in my small garden have never done well but maybe now, with the pines trimmed more light will help them?
 photo 103_4333h_zpsx4roe5gc.jpg
I hope the weatherman is right and it will be a few nice days. I can get a lot done in that case. Today only got up to 60 degrees, it was a little cool in the shade but good working weather.


Magic Love Crow said...

Looking great Janice!!! I grass seeded the side of the house, where I bring the wheel barrel back and forth, so I can't move anything till the grass comes up a bit. I have the black earth in the front.
I love seeing all your pet pictures! So cute!!
The weather has been cool here and we have been getting frost too. So, not too hot, yet!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!