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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snow in May.....................

It snowed this morning again. I think this is it though. Looking at the weather for the week it will be up to 70 by the end of the week. I am going to plant my stuff and to heck with it. First I need to finish the front gardens. The blossoms are coming out on the apple tree.
 photo 103_3977h_zpsw3joctuu.jpg
The blossom is still looking good.
 photo 103_3974a_zpsm5enkgvz.jpg
 photo 103_3974g_zpsgtrupabl.jpg
I put the rose in the ground and moved the wheel barrow. Then planted daisies and the things that were just sitting there. I think what I must do is clean out each garden one by one and put back what I want to keep and get rid of what I don't. It's time for a good clean out. The walkway looks nice now. I had to take in the ferns and geraniums but they go back out tomorrow and will have to fend for themselves.
 photo daisy_zpsvqurdzf2.jpg
Just as everything has started to bloom, along comes some snow. Sigh.
 photo 103_3978a_zpsab59f384.jpg
Out back, little red came by. He/she is so dang cute. I am sure Bud will not like him being around. They say the small red squirrels are more destructive than the regulars.
 photo 103_3989h_zpslgqukeuw.jpg
But look how cute he is
 photo 103_3985h_zpshfxi9ybm.jpg
 photo 103_3984j_zpsegrtnmjz.jpg
The Starlings were not liking the snow.
 photo 103_4007h_zpscto3sb1p.jpg
 photo 103_4008h_zpsag0dqpsb.jpg
He is saying "what the fu**"
 photo 103_4006j_zpsiomijeyf.jpg
These are the tulips the squirrels were kind enough to transplant from Bud's into my garden.
 photo tulip_zpsyngd4yvh.jpg
Next year I may move some into the garden itself. I will leave the best for Bud to enjoy from his kitchen window though.


Magic Love Crow said...

We got snow too! Tonight, we are under one more frost advisory and then I think that is it! I will plant some things next week! Gorgeous pictures! Love little red! You made me laugh about the Starling! What the fu....! LOL! Hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good idea cleaning out each garden, one, by one!