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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Return of the Crows..............

Well, not just the Crows. The birds have been hungry because its gotten cold again. It has been warm so long that we thought it never would snow. Finally it did. Anyway, the Crow flys over now and then to check things out but has really not stayed long. He did stop by yesterday though and sat close enough for me to get a few nice shots. Such a handsome bird.
 photo 103_2399a_zpsmttpfe85.jpg
 photo 103_2405k_zpshvkdbboq.jpg
Last winter I observed some of the Crows hiding snacks for later. The Blue Jays do the same thing.
 photo 103_2426h_zpstpeughwa.jpg
 photo 103_2427h_zpskordg09t.jpg
I like to be able to get a twinkle in the eye when I do close ups. Sometimes I can do that, but not often with birds.
 photo 103_2423j_zpsv52iyzip.jpg
 photo 103_2405b_zpssfkenzjj.jpg
The hardest one to get any life into the eyes is the Chickadee for me. They are small and with the black around the eyes, it seems near impossible to catch the light.
 photo 103_2512kl_zpsp4focefi.jpg
 photo 103_2513j_zpsduywwnrh.jpg
Chickadees are also hard to catch sitting still. They are so busy. These guys today were cold and so were lovely and fluffy.
 photo 103_2506h_zps1zj4cdl0.jpg
The Tufted Titmouse has a larger eye, and sometimes it's possible to catch the light. They are also nice and fluffy and so cute.
 photo 103_2445h_zpsosfhfpcx.jpg
 photo 103_2460j_zpsfey4tcug.jpg
Today besides a bunch of Blue Jays a lone Starling was hanging out but never came down while I was there. He has been hanging out for a few days now.
 photo 103_2484a_zpshnwdar71.jpg
The Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker (I still cant believe thats a real name) was visiting us. This one was really brilliant red. Scarlet really.
 photo 103_2492h_zps5abq6cy6.jpg
 photo 103_2495j_zpsxei2jbpe.jpg
A really beautiful bird who liked the suet. There is a new suet with seeds that only a Blue Jay has tried so far.
 photo 103_2493g_zpsqkgcrbmz.jpg
The Cardinals have been shy for some reason. They have never had a problem before but this year they seem to want to be alone when they come in and don't like it if I am watching. Must be a young couple because the old ones never had a problem. A nice variety came to visit today.
 photo 103_2453j_zpsaxuszov8.jpg
 photo 103_2472h_zpsjvraym3d.jpg
 photo 103_2434h_zps9nex1zck.jpg
The Squirrels kept the birds at bay for a time but were on to other things so didn't hog the feeders all day and I now have enough feeders to let everyone have a turn. This Blue Jay is trying the new bird feeder
 photo 103_2480_zpsjl5wdyde.jpg
The Yellow Belly fled to the tree
 photo 103_2488j_zpscltp12rd.jpg
Thats it for today. I guess I wont be doing Spring clean up any time soon. That's Ok I have sorted my sewing supplies and moved my fabric back into the dining room. Maybe I will soon have a few things to share on My Pretty Things. Its about time I got a few things done.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I really enjoy your pictures! I could stare at them all day! Such a treasure! I know for myself, sometimes, I just sit and watch our birds. I have to do some more for them this year. I have to get creative! LOL! Did you see me message you yesterday about the Red Dresser (on Facebook). Is that the store you like to go to? Red Dresser, Red Door, I forget the name! LOL! I know one of the ladies who creates for that store. Her name is Amy, really nice person.