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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

No Spring after all................

The snow came in like a banchee, lots of it. I feel blessed that I don't live in Texas or any of those on the other end of that storm. It spread across America from Texas to Michigan. We just got snow and wind and ice. The other poor people got floods, mud slides, fires and tornadoes. I can not even begin to understand what that must be like. One thing about Northern Michigan is its usually not extreme. Yes we do deal with blizzards and bad roads and high winds but I will take that over any of the other stuff. It seems most states have their own brands of natural disasters. We just have Winter. Sometimes 6 months of it. This year the snow came after Christmas and if it warms up just a little this will be gone in no time.
The ski resorts have had a bad year that's for sure. Our economy is based on tourism these days and no ski runs, then no winter money.
Selfishly I love it and I dont feel guilty because it is not my choice nor doing, it just is. It;s almost five years since Alexandra died on slippery roads. So the longer we do without the better I like it. It is pretty though.
I had hoped to get outside this side of Christmas once I had cleared up after the holiday. Then we all got sick with this cold/flu and its still hanging around and has been since Thanksgiving. Now the snow is here and clean up outside will not be possible just yet. I just hope for a very early Spring.
I can't wait to see the Snowdrops.
 photo snowdrops_flowers_spring_nature_hd-wallpaper-1691398_zpsrl7ilqbl.jpg
I know, it will be awhile. I hope the birds and animals had a good chance of survival this year. I now the little birds love my grapevines. They sit and natter to themselves in there and eat their treats.
 photo 103_2343_zpsuumdwbtr.jpg
I think it gives them some cover from the wind and elements. Next year I will put up little fairy lights, I now have some. They may provide a little heat do you think?
When this snow fell, the back deck was hard to negotiate. The poodles went to go out and had to make tracks. The little ones all but disappeared. Bodi was like a little snow plough.
 photo 103_2303_zpsbzv1mddq.jpg
This Spring I want to dig up each garden bed and redo it. I need new soil and compost. If I have any money, and that's a laugh right now, I want to put in some shrubs. All will help the birds and give me less to maintain.
Not much news in the garden right now, have not been anywhere due to being sick so a boring post but at least everyone knows why. Wishing everyone a wonderful and Blessed New Year.

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Magic Love Crow said...

You got more snow then us! Ours is almost all gone! I think we will get an early spring, but I think it's going to be dry! The weather has been so strange! You are so good to the animals! They love you! I try to do the best for the little ones around me too! I hope you get better soon! I can't believe it's almost been 5 years since Alexandra has passed! Bless her heart! Big Hugs my friend!