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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Still no snow..............

Here it is December 12th and still no snow. That is fine by me. The squirrels are becoming a pest though. They watch from the tree tops, or somewhere, because as soon as the feeders get filled there they are. They are not happy with just the table they must get into the feeders too. That I don't like. Feeders are expensive and they don't care one bit.
 photo 103_2194a_zps2chl8y1k.jpg
I was hoping to get out and take some better pictures but its been wet. So it will have to be the usual suspects.
I had to share some cute Poodle pictures, I love this one of Bella, look at her tail hehe.
 photo 103_2197a_zps4dkptmly.jpg
It looks like its about time for a hair cut but I love them fluffy. Brea is also very fluffy. She always yells at me when I tell her to come in. She is the only one of the 4 who tries to howl. She goes wooooooowoooooooowooooof. Her little mouth forms an O
 photo 103_2171a_zpshylla74j.jpg
She is getting fat, is all squishy. Because of her knees being bad she does not care for exercize too much so lays around a lot.
 photo 103_2162_zpsomzccymk.jpg
Bijou is also fluffy
 photo 103_2169a_zpsprt9ghwu.jpg
Mrs Cardinal came around. It's been hard to catch them here. The squirrels have just been too busy and no room at the feeders. I get the feeling they are enjoying the berries that are abundant and easy pickings right now.
 photo 103_2191a_zpszl0rpr65.jpg
 photo 103_2189a_zpsn4ihmqsi.jpg
MRS was just getting what had fell to the ground. She didn't stay long.
 photo 103_2188a_zps6de6hcbz.jpg
I need to get more peanuts. The Blue Jays are really loving them. They like them in the shells but will eat the others first because they can pack about 5 in their face at one time, but only one in the shell.
 photo 103_2165a_zpsoi3z0xcc.jpg
 photo 103_2159_zpsepwujs4w.jpg
They squabble a lot and usually there will only be one at a time. They more or less keep the smaller birds away until they are done
 photo 103_2155a_zpsyvzr67uf.jpg
Meanwhile we have a line up in the tree, haha. The Mourning Doves just camp out and come in when everyone is done. That is unless they are really hungry and in that case they will even chase out the Blue Jays.This day they were just dozing and preaning and waiting.
 photo 103_2143_zpsvaryjs60.jpg
The Blue Jays stayed until all the peanuts were gone
 photo 103_2152a_zpsggxb2q5a.jpg
They send out scouts and I hear them tell their mates come on over to Schaubs she just filled the feeders and we got peanuts today.

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Magic Love Crow said...

No snow here!! Looks like a green Christmas! I don't like it! But, I won't complain! I love your pictures!!!! We had all your birds too and the nuthatch and other birds as well, but I've seen a large hawk for the past month! The ravens have been attacking it, trying to get it away. So, all the birds aren't around anymore! I know it's life and they all have to eat, but I miss my birds! Still have tones of squirrels! LOL!