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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An English Country Garden....................

One thing I know is that I do so miss the gardens of England. Most home owners (at least in the past) even if its a handkerchief size, take great pride in their gardens. That shows especially well in the small villages throughout the UK. It's what we do. It's bred in us I think. If nothing but concrete then its a flower barrel and window box.
 photo XN_Kerascoet_zpsu63rj13x.jpg
Most houses now do not have more than a few feet of frontage. There used to be muddy streets with horse traffic and now with cars, well the roads had to be wider. Not much but a bit. In a lot of towns the front garden was converted to a spot to park the car, a shame that but needs must.
 photo 4709473124_191a89bc9e_b_zpsj3adk0kb.jpg
The English gardener also seems to like things that climb. I know I do. Roses especially. My Dad had Forsythia growing up the front of the house and Honeysuckle on the side. Then there is usually a garden gate with an arch to let things climb over. Everything gives the impression of lushness. With the English weather and the prospect of rain it's most likely an advantage.
The other thing we all seem to like is hedges. I still dream of the ones around my Dads garden and the birds that would nest there every year.
 photo front house_zps0qjgdqtx.jpg
The back garden was reserved for the laundry, the vegetable gardens and play area for kiddies. In my Dad's garden it was also his tool/work shed and more flowers. He sometimes put in a few veggies but not a lot. We were a small family just them and me.
 photo 1191296135_c348eebdf5_z_zpsdpcfzzwt.jpg
There is nothing so sweet as sheets straight off the line. Freshness at it's best. We don't do that here. Sigh!!! Still I must say it did have disadvantages as well as benefits. When it rained you brought in your laundry and any neighbours you could get to..........then when it was frost it could practically walk in on its own. The shirts so stiff you stood them in front of the fire to melt them enough to fold over the clothes horse.
Yes I do miss my English gardens. The weather was so much more accomodating to flowers than it is here. I do OK but its been a lifetime of trial and error on my part. Then the bugs get them if the sun or wind does not, so never a huge success.
 photo 81cb459203414d144415b2b80618fe82_zpsb6uxblpt.jpg
The garden shed was also inevitable, where else to keep the garden tools and all of the other man stuff. The old houses didn't have a garage or basement so where else could he have his "stuff". My Dad's smelled of leather and oil it was lovely. He repaired his own shoes back when people did that. You know, kept things instead of throwing them away. Usually only had one pair and so they were repaired over and over. His Grandfather was a cobbler and taught his grandson's well. Dads shed had Japanese Quince growing over it and it looked so pretty in Spring time. Yes, I miss a good garden.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I still use a clothesline in the summer, and as long as the birds don't "have target practice" on my clothes, I enjoy the freshness.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful post! My mom still uses a clothesline! I love the smell of fresh clothes! And, yes we have had some frozen clothes before! LOL!